Fortnite’s” "Fortnitemares" event is well underway as players are treated with a new limited-time mode – Storm King – where players will be slugging it out against a massive boss. However, there are players who complain that the horned baddie is quite overpowered for them. That said, it looks like Epic Games heard their community and rolled out some changes to the towering creature.

The Storm King and Zombie Spawner nerf

The dataminer, known as spedicey1 (@spedicey1), recently took to Twitter to show what he discovered regarding the Storm King. If his tweets are anything to go by, it looks like Epic may have lowered the boss’s overall health.

He even provided a Pastebin link detailing what the developer tweaked wherein one of the strings of codes reads, “row DADBRO updated column MaximumHealth from 60000.00 to 45000.00.” Also, both its weak points and horns seemed to have been nerfed as well.

Figuring out how much was taken off from the Storm King is quite hard, though Fortnite Insider believes that there could be a 25 percent decrease across the board. In line with this, spedicey1 also tweeted another link showcasing the changes Epic made on the zombie spawners’ spawn rates. For the uninitiated, players were also irked about these ads in the game.

Defeating the massive boss

Prior to these changes, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” players are complaining about how overpowered the Storm King is in the game’s new LTM.

Defeating the creature sure is a pain, but it won’t be that difficult if one knows where his weak spots are.

The boss’s weak spots are characterized by the glowing sections that appear on the Storm King’s body. Players must shoot at those (three of them) consistently as soon as they pop up. If done properly, one of its horns will begin to glow as well.

Shoot at it until the other horn glows next. After both of its horns are destroyed, the other weak spots will become fragile and players participating in the LTM can fire away and taken down the boss. Be reminded, though, that the Storm King is still a bullet sponge albeit the recently revealed nerf and patience is the key in beating it.

Dexerto, on the other hand, provided some tips while battling it:

  • Eliminate as many zombies as you can as they drop ammo and other items.
  • Pick up as many meds as possible whenever they appear.
  • Try not to end up in the storm.
  • As much as possible, revive teammates whenever they get knocked.
  • As mentioned, aim for the creature’s weak spots.
  • Be always on the move as it lashes out attacks every time.
  • It is best to not build way too high since this boss has a penchant for destroying all mats in the area.

Players who are successful in defeating this boss will be rewarded with an umbrella.