Now that ”America's Got Talent” reached the competition’s first vote, for the Season 14 finals on September 4, both the joy and the pressure were multiplied exponentially. However, the 11 acts were determined to extend their dream. Host Terry Crews announced that the competitors, coming in at fourth, fifth, and sixth place in the vote, would be vying for America's save-vote, and some of the judges’ favorites were included.

In short order, Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir, and Robert Finley were called on to endure the agonizing wait for the voting public to determine their “America's Got Talent” choice of finalist.

The judges would then have to pick between the remaining two. Every hopeful, in this trio, has already cultivated throngs of new followers. Howie Mandel declared that he would invest his own money to put on a Light Balance Kids show. The judges were unanimous in supporting the Ndlovu Youth Choir as ambassadors of unity and love, and bluesman Robert Finley has been a testament that the eyes of the soul see deeper than mere vision, and no one is too old to pursue a lifelong passion.

Spirits singing

Kodi Lee and energetic voice Impressionist, Greg Morton were called to stand for America's first vote of the night. Kodi Lee had enraptured the panel of judges and the entire Dolby Theatre with his impassioned performance of “You Are The Reason,” filling the venue with the glow of swaying lights.

Greg Morton didn't impress Simon Cowell with his classic cartoon tribute, but he still had the audience in stitches. Kodi Lee continued repeating “Thank you!” as he was named the first finalist of the season, and the chants of “Kodi!” kept him jumping all night. Gabrielle Union reminded her golden buzzer talent to continue to “be exactly who you are.”

A fun sequence followed that showcased the pretend, playful contention between Season 12 “America's Got Talent” winner, Darci Lynne Farmer, and runner-up finalist, comedian Preacher Lawson.

The package depicted Lawson trapped in dreams of Darci, unable to stop stalking her, especially when his dressing room was a janitor’s closet. The rapid-fire funnyman then went on to do a routine about the blessings of childhood, such as taking naps and growing up under the care of his strictly religious mom. He gave nothing but gratitude for his “America's Got Talent” exposure to the world.

Season 11 favorite, magician Jon Dorenbos, had some fun at the LA Rams training camp before it was time for Darci Lynne to take the stage. She still had her favorite friend, Petunia, as her duet partner, but the 14-year-old walloped the growl for them both on “It's A Man's World,” proving that she's truly a young woman now.

Inspiration to the finish

Singer-songwriter, Benicio Bryant, magician Eric Chien, and singer Ansley Burns were brought forth to face the verdict of the vote tally. Bryant earned broad approval for his original song, “Fall Apart,” with the judges declaring that he could win the competition. Eric Chien and Ansley Burns didn’t earn the reception that they had hoped to receive.

Benicio Bryant was overcome with emotion when he was called as the second finalist, with no words to describe the moment. Simon Cowell affirmed that he was “a contender for the whole show.”

The inspiration continued, as the Messoudi Brothers, Tyler Butler Figueroa, and Jackie Fabulous came to center stage for the third vote. The violin prodigy, cancer survivor, and anti-bullying ambassador, Tyler Butler Figueroa, took his place as the third finalist of the night. He spoke of how grateful he was to be on “America's Got Talent.” Simon Cowell made sure that his golden buzzer choice knew that it was his talent that brought him to the finals. Each of these contenders came on strong, but inspiration and spirit came on even stronger in the young performer.

The tabulation for the saving vote was finally complete, and Light Balance Kids were ecstatic and appreciative of America's pardon. The judges then had to decide between the immaculate voices and spiritual presence of Ndlovu Youth Choir and the pure passion and authenticity of Robert Finley. Howie Mandel told Finley: “I want your dream to come true,” but Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, and Simon Cowell decided on the youth chorus as finalists. No one could be against either of these gifted and inspired performers and their “America's Got Talent” path is sure to take each of them to much higher places.

Next week's performances and vote will determine the final group of Season 14 finalists