There are “Fortnte: Battle Royale” players who were exposed in the past for cheating in the game and Epic Games does not tolerate such behavior. That said, one of the game’s pro players – Benjy David Fish – popularly known on his handle as Benjyfishy has recently exposed a couple of these types of players at this year’s Dreamhack Winter event in Sweden.

Exposed and disqualified

The pro players in question went by their in-game names “Stele98” and “Shadoxx” as a short gameplay clip that was tweeted by Benjyfishy showed that the two teamed up to eliminate Luminosity Gaming’s Khuna.

Per the video, it can be seen that the cheaters were standing close to each other and waited for Khuna to come out from a house and ambush the unknowing participant.

Dreamhack officials immediately took action upon learning the incident and instantly disqualified the two. In their recent tweet, they stated that they’ve already investigated and “disqualified the people in question for collusion.” The event officials went on stating that they’ll “continue to keep an eye out and investigate suspicious behavior.” LG Khuna, on the other hand, also tweeted that he landed fourth place in the said “Fortnite” tournament and mentioned the misfortune that happened to him.

Similar incident

As mentioned, things like this have already happened in previous tournaments.

One of the most infamous by far was with Fortnite World Cup finalists XXiF and Ronaldo as they too were caught teaming during the solos qualifiers. Albeit getting suspended, the tap on the wrist sanction did not stop them as they progressed to compete in FNWC’s duos finals.

The sanction from Epic was heavily criticized by their “Fortnite BR” community as the majority of them suggested that the two should have been banned and barred from competing in the World Cup.

The two got a ton of boos from the audience during the tournament, however, whenever their faces are featured on the big screen.

FaZe Mongraal and the stream sniping allegations

Meanwhile, an alleged stream sniping incident occurred during a competitive “Fortnite” event last November 24 and the one being accused is FaZe Clan’s Kyle Jackson a.k.a. “Mongraal.” Dexerto also covered the story and got what they claim to be an exclusive clip showing what happened.

In the gameplay video, it can be heard that Mongraal and his coach - “DestinyJesus” are talking to each other about the other team as the latter is relaying information to their opponent’s whereabouts on the map. According to Dexerto, the exchange comes after Mongraal stated that his squad is “griefing” the other team.

The publication noted that the 30-second video allegedly came from one of Mongraal’s YouTube upload that has since been deleted and later on re-uploaded. The "Fortnite" clip in question, however, has allegedly been edited out from the said upload.