And the beat goes on. Nigerian reality star Usman Umar doesn’t appear concerned by the explosive remarks that his wife, Lisa Hamme, made about him in a recent interview. The couple’s relationship appears over after Lisa made some scathing allegations about Usman’s character. In a recent interview with her promoter, Rocco Straz, the American reality star said that Usman had turned their marriage into a romance scam. She also accused her husband of using their appearance on "90 Day Fiancé" to further his music career.

Usman teases Lisa

On his part, Usman does not appear bothered by Lisa’s vicious attack.

The Nigerian reality star, who goes by the stage name, "Sojaboy," has shared a video of his latest song on his Instagram account. In the two-minute clip, Usman posed with an unidentified lady as his song played in the background. The video also featured the lyrics to the song, and it could be a teaser video for his latest project. However, by posing with her new alleged girlfriend, it appears that Usman has moved on from his marriage with Lisa. This picture of Usman is said to be a message to Lisa that he got a lot of options when to comes to girls.

The Nigerian reality star also shared a screenshot of a recent conversation between him and Lisa.

In the messages, Lisa told him that she was still his wife and accused him of spreading false information about her. She also informed him about the interview she had conducted with her promoter. Lisa said that she was not trying to be mean to him. Instead, the American reality star explained that she was only trying to reveal the facts about their relationship with their fans.

In his replies, Usman acknowledged that he had seen Lisa’s fiery interview. Nevertheless, he claimed that her comments had not upset him. He then added that the fans would decide who was wrong between the two of them.

Lisa and Usman's fight

Following his latest video, it fair to conclude Usman has moved on from his marriage with Lisa.

Fans have supported his decision to move on from the relationship, especially after some scenes from the yet to be released Tell All episodes leaked online. In one of the video clips, Usman accused Lisa of using the N-word during a past argument. He also said that he was tired of his wife’s brash attitude. When Lisa confirmed that she had used the racial slur, fans were outraged. Several 90 Day Fiancé viewers have signed a petition to have TLC fire her from the show. The negative reaction from fans has forced Lisa to come out and defend herself, and it doesn’t seem that the couple will stop trading accusations any time soon. After Usman’s latest Instagram post, the couple could be filing for a divorce in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think about Lisa and Usman. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiancé."