"Game of Thrones" was one of the most popular series in the history of television. Its fanbase stretched across demographical divisions in every U.S. state and abroad. Age, ethnicity, religious denomination, political affiliation, income and so on.

As widespread beloved as the vast majority of the series became, that doesn't typically include its ending. Where the rest of the series won near-universal acclaim, the final season received equal amounts of loathing. When a series is loved like "Thrones" was, the consequences of a substantially inferior ending are magnified.

The bulk of the angst centers on the handling of the two characters that had become the series' focal point. GamesRadar reports that at least one of these characters could be making a comeback. But if the other isn't also included, harsh feelings would likely just intensify. Beware of spoilers.

Series reportedly in development featuring Kit Harington as Jon

Kit Harington as Jon and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys were regulars on "Game of Thrones" from its official start. Each taking their place as the top-billed star in the credits. Which famously changed on an episodic basis.

Last seen on "Game of Thrones", Jon was leading the Wildlings beyond The Wall for futures unknown. While a deceased Daenerys' body was being carried away by her beloved dragon.

Literally and figuratively, two very different directions for the characters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new series starring Harington is in development. Apparently picking up on his character sometime after the events of "Thrones" finale. Another series set in the same universe, "House of the Dragon", is on its way.

There hasn't been word on if any other cast members would appear in the proposed Jon-centric series. Many would be wondering about the possibility of Daenerys. If her death seems like an insurmountable roadblock, then you're probably not very familiar with "Game of Thrones".

There've been a number of reports over time that both Harington and Clarke were in serious discussions to return.

It isn't certain that the new series in question will actually come to fruition. But if it does, showrunners would likely face blowback if it doesn't include Daenerys.

The characters would become intrinsically linked

Initially, Daenerys and Jon's separate storylines were largely on the periphery of the series' central political intrigue. But over the years, their individual storylines gradually climbed more and more to the front and center of things. Until eventually they would basically themselves become the story. Two figures of immense power and a love story that seemed poised to be the start of a new dynasty.

But then things took a turn. Beginning in earnest with the raised prospect of familial relation.

Unsettling and uncomfortable to be certain, but not that unusual for "Thrones". Or, frankly, for the time period that the franchise is based on.

From there, we have the final season. Which would largely be littered with plot holes, inconsistencies and outright contradictions that drove fans nuts. Including Daenerys' supposed abrupt turn to madness, leading her to slaughter the masses in the penultimate episode. Followed by Jon taking her life in the ensuing installment.

Now, there are many times when twists can work. Not always, of course. Like when writers blow up their story for the sake of being "subversive." Which was a widespread feeling among viewers. There was also a general feeling that the final season had been incredibly rushed.

The decision to cram everything into such a short amount of time was made by the showrunners. Going against the apparent wishes of HBO and George R.R. Martin, author of the novels that inspired the television series.

Others who worked on the series also openly took issue with it. Including Clarke and Harington themselves. For the two famously very close friends, the ending took a demanding toll on them. Emotionally, mentally and physically.

The character of Daenerys is beloved by her fanbase in a way that outsiders might struggle to understand. Making her sudden ostensible flip to villainy all the more stinging. The quick rumors of a possible 'fix-it' were not surprising.

If HBO goes through with a series on Jon without really addressing the Daenerys fallout would make it worse.

The feelings of fans might only matter so much to a network such as HBO. But if they do care about things such as quality and reputation, it should matter a lot. In this case, they have a possible opportunity to win back at least some of the enthusiasm that was lost. It shouldn't be taken lightly or squandered.