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Getting a good night’s sleep: Designer Janice Yates discusses the Tanda mattress

Professional designer Janice Yates discussed the new 'Tanda' technology that keeps mattresses and pillows cool.
Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of health issues ranging from chronic fatigue to increased stress. People who do not get steady and good sleep tend to be plagued with an inability to...
21 September 2017 -
M. . Meehan

Elon Musk's health-focused startup raises fresh capital for its neuro technology

Elon Musk's new medical-focused startup Neurolink raised fresh capital
Elon Musk’s new brain-machine interface startup Neurolink is getting some big lift. The health-focused startup has just raised $27 million in fresh capital. Musk made the big announcement this week....
25 August 2017 -
E. Castro

Poll: Michael Schumacher fans demand family publicize his health condition

A recent poll conducted by Wheels24 shows that many fans want to know about the F1 legend's health status.
Formula One legend Michael Schumacher soared high in the world of car racing between 1991 and 2012 until he had an accident while skiing with his son in the French Alps in December 2013. Since the...
12 September 2017 -
C. Sims
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  • Moderate alcohol prevents dying early; WHO still says ‘No’

    While alcohol has always been linked with numerous medical problems, a study claims it's good for health.
    Drinking a beer or two will help lower the risk of dying early. In a recent study, researchers probed a health survey data of over 333,000 American adults, following the subjects for about eight...
    27 August 2017
    G. Nee
  • Interview with entrepreneur Asi Meskin, co-founder of Gululu

    Inventor Asi Meskin discusses his creation, Gululu, which encourages children to stay healthy by drinking more water.
    Health is often directly related to how well people eat and drink. Water is the single most important component to life yet, in the modern age of sugary beverages, and an alarming number of people do...
    6 September 2017
    M. . Meehan
  • Health hazards threaten Barbuda following a deadly Hurricane

    Officials warn that unless health hazards are immediately addressed, even more people will die.
    The most vicious Hurricane to ever hit the Caribbean is now gone. But Irma will never be forgotten by hundreds of thousands of victims in her wake. Having destroyed billions of dollars of...
    13 September 2017
    C. W. Services
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