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Daily health and love horoscope for Cancer women May 25, 2017

Cancer, here is everything the stars have to tell you for May 25, 2017.
Keep in touch with your feelings today and try to communicate them towards the people who are around you and that you really care about. Use the today's planetary energies to empower your own...
25 May 2017 -
S. S.

The summer self-renewal project

What you can do this summer to recharge, rejuvenate, and reinvent yourself.
Every year, every season, there is a spirit of reinvention in the air. Whenever a new year comes or a new school period starts, people talk about change. Why not bring summer into the equation? As...
23 May 2017 -
B. Dedmon

Report: Apple Watch 3 to include glucose monitoring sans needles

New information on what Apple is planning for its next-generation smartwatch have come into light early this week.
A new report on the next-generation Apple Watch indicates that it could have an advanced technology that would allow the device to read blood sugar levels without the use of needles. Additionally, the...
17 May 2017 -
A. Gift
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  • The best trendy diet is the non-diet

    Studies show a non-diet approach produces lasting results when compared to traditional diets.
    Summer is quickly approaching, making it hard to go anywhere without seeing ads like "How-To Get a Bikini Body in a Week!" What is a bikini body anyway and how can it be healthy to change in just a...
    11 May 2017
    C. DiFiore
  • Three ways sleep can help you be in shape

    Want to achieve a good figure? This might decide on spending more time to bed than hitting on the gym.
    The latest research reveals that sleep will help a person, especially those who want to be physically appealing, lose weight. Despite the common belief that taking a nap is one of the causes of weight...
    9 May 2017
    C. A. Lasco
  • Amazing ways to loose weight without exercise

    Wanting a perfect healthy body but not a fan of doing simple exercise? Worry no more! Here are the tips that you'll surely love.
    Aiming for a perfect and healthy body but not a fan of exercising? Well, this is just perfect for you as here are effective ways on how you can lose weight without hurting yourself. Water intake Water...
    20 May 2017
    R. d. Guia
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