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‘Campus Insights’: A College Student Startup

Brothers Riley and Stephen Soward discuss the company that they established.
Campus Insights is a startup company created by two Boston College students who are under the age of twenty-three but already selling their company to Harvard Student Agencies. Campus Insights is the brainchild of brothers Riley and Stephen Soward, tech-savvy Silicon Valley natives, who thought of the idea in 2014. Their company is centered on recording students and young professional’s reactions to various products and thereby collecting data on those items for a range of companies and brands. Essentially, Campus Insights is emerging as a leader in marketing research among the demographic of people ages 14-35. It is the largest student-run company in the world and is quickly gaining international acclaim. Riley and Stephen Soward recently granted an exclusive interview where they discussed the Campus Insights company and their hopes for its future. Startups, business, and product research Meagan Meehan (MM): When and why did you startup Campus Insights and how did you select the...