A good news is coming for ‘Supernatural’ fans. CW President, Mark Pedowitz at the network’s 2017 upfront event confirmed that “Supernatural” will return with season 13. Describing the show as being, “indestructible,” the show has the strongest fan base in the US. According to a report by Den Of Geek, the show makes its debut next month. The specific premiere date is October 12, unfortunately; there’s not much to know about it yet. Season 3 could also see the death of several characters.

Christain Keye's role in season 13

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Christain Keyes is expected to reprise his role as Michael in the next installment.

The show-runners even published a preview image that featured Michael, thereby confirming the rumor. Given the twisted nature of the show, Michael won’t be the same as what was shown in the previous season. He is expected to be a doppelganger, and his intentions are not known. In “Supernatural” season 12 finale, Mary Winchester was seen carrying out a sacrifice-based magic. Her objective was to banish Lucifer along with herself, back to Hell. The finale was titled, “All Along the Watchtower,” and carried a very-apocalyptic like a universe. The same setting is expected to be carried forward in its 13th season. Chances are, Michael might just be serving as the vessel to other characters. The two most likely candidates are Adam Milligan (the Winchester half-brother) and Lucifer himself.

Since Lucifer has been sent back to the stage, it is not known how exactly this could take place.

The speculated storyline of the show

The show-runners of “Supernatural” have hinted on several occasions that an ultimate “Collison” between different universes might take place. According to another report by Entertainment Weekly, Alexander Calvert has been hired to play the role of Jack in the upcoming season.

He is half-human and half-angel and will come to help to Sam and Dean Winchester. However, due to his past associations with Lucifer and his aid, Kelly Kline, he cannot be completely trusted. Jack has consistently revealed a very unstable behavior all throughout the last season. Alexander Calvert as an actor shot to fame after he appeared on “Arrow.” He played the role of Lonnie Machin, the main villain in the DC Comics. He also made a brief appearance on the teen-drama movie, “The Edge of Seventeen.” No other information regarding the show’s future is not as of yet.