Over the past 12 years of "Supernatural", fans have witnessed a lot of amazing storylines, have had great conventions with the actors, and have also had their heart broken by the continuous deaths of their favorite characters. It takes a lot of great television, good acting, and loyal fan base to make it so far; however, despite the craziness of some fans (me included!), there are some facts about "Supernatural" that even the most dedicated will be surprised to find out.

5. Supernatural has outlived CW

Although it is not normal for a TV series to outlive its own network, this show is not exactly natural either (I had to take advantage of that pun!).

After the second season the previous network was altered, and the future of the show became uncertain; however the show survived the transition and remain part of the new network as well.

4. John was supposed to have burned on the ceiling

It is common knowledge that pilot plots can change quite often, we would have imagine this big of a difference. Apparently Mary was not the parent who was supposed to be on the ceiling. However, since Kripke wanted Sam Winchester to have a similar story line to his father, he decided to kill Mary in the first episode instead. There are also some ideas that Jess was supposed to be a demon with the purpose of luring Sam into the dark side.

3. Meet Sal and Dean Harrison

Sam and Dean Winchester have managed o become iconic names in the history of television; however, as it almost always, that was not the original plan. Erik Kripke wanted to call them Sal and Dean Harrison, but decided in the end to go with these alternative names instead. Apparently, there was a real person named Sam Harrison living in Kansas, so the surname had to go, too.

2. Castiel was supposed to die

Although Castiel was the one who raised Dean from perdition, he was not planned to be the one whom the Winchesters would call part of their family. That honorable part would have belonged to Anna, if Castiel had not turned out to be such a fan favorite. Furthermore, when Castiel was killed off at the beginning of the season 7, he was brought back again just because of the fans.

The fans sure do have a weak spot for him in their hearts.

1. Sam and Ruby should have been married

Although to be fair Sam Winchester and Ruby are married in real life, their characters did not exactly end up together. When Ruby's character was presented, she was meant for Sam. It was obvious from the beginning that they had chemistry, and the writers intended for them to get married and maybe even have children; however, with Jared and Genevieve Padalecki getting married in real life, the writers thought it would be too cheesy to marry them in "Supernatural". It s apparent that this couple was meant to be in the real and "Supernatural" dimension.