"Supernatural's" 12th season left fans reeling after what can only be called a bloodbath of a finale episode. Rowena (Ruth Connell), Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel (Misha Collins) were killed during the hour. Meanwhile, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) found herself trapped with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in the alternate universe that was opened after Lucifer's son, Jack (Alexander Calvert) was born. Jack, aka, The Nephilim - half angel and half human - aged quickly as fans, and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), soon discovered. The younger Winchester brother found the young man sitting quietly in the darkened nursery his mother, Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford), made for him before she died during childbirth.

With friends and enemies either missing or dead, and a new being to take care of, where does "Supernatural" leave Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester?

'Supernatural' spoilers from SDCC 2017

This year's San Diego Comic-Con was full of "Supernatural" goodies as the cast, as well as executive producers Andrew Dabb and Bob Singer, spent a few days at the convention engaging with fans and offering up a few spoilers for the upcoming season. One of the biggest questions on everyone's mind was whether or not Jack will be a villain? Dabb revealed to TV Guide that even though Jack's father is evil, the new character will be more of a "blank slate." Singer confirmed with The TV Addict that Jack doesn't want to hurt people, but he cannot control his powers, which is a problem.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles confirmed during the "Supernatural" panel and SDCC interviews that the Winchester brothers will handle Jack's presence differently. Dabb referred to the situation as Hell's, "My Two Dads." Singer explained that Sam would be more of a motherly figure to Jack. Padalecki confirmed that Sam will be able to relate to Jack and his situation more.

Dean will be more of the father figure, and it will take some time for him to warm up to Lucifer's son, who, Ackles says, Dean would rather kill or take a swing at than welcome into the family. Struggling with the loss of Castiel and their mother, the older Winchester brother just wants to shoot first and ask questions later, but Sam is on the optimistic side.

Unlike Dean, Sam believes that their mother could still be alive in the alternate world. He hopes that if they can help Jack learn how to control his powers, they might be able to find a way to open that doorway again. Padalecki referred to the situation with Jack as a nature vs nurture concept, with Sam believing that Jack, although perhaps destined to be bad (much like Sam was with the demon blood), can be encouraged towards being good.

Padalecki also told The Mary Sue and ShowbizJunkies that Sam is heartbroken over losing Castiel, and is "hiding some things in his optimism" that he is not dealing with that will ultimately come to a head. Ackles told ShowbizJunkies that while Sam and Dean will initially disagree on how to handle Lucifer's offspring, the brothers will "eventually get to the same place" in their version of "Two Men and a Baby." Dean will step

Ackles told ShowbizJunkies that while Sam and Dean will initially disagree on how to handle Lucifer's offspring, the brothers will "eventually get to the same place" in their version of "Two Men and a Baby." Dean will step back, for now, to allow Sam to handle the situation his way, but if anything goes wrong, they'll handle it Dean's way.

As far as the fates of Castiel and Mary go, Singer revealed during the panel that both characters are indeed alive. Mary will find herself struggling to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of the alternate universe where she is stuck with Lucifer. Regarding Castiel's return, Collins vaguely explained that the angel is in a place that the show has touched on before but that viewers have yet to actually see onscreen.

He went on to tell TVFortheRestofUs that Castiel won't be alone in this mysterious place and will be confronted by a "powerful being." Many fans are wondering if Castiel is in The Empty, a location first mentioned by Billie the Reaper (Lisa Berry) who was later killed by Castiel.

Collins explained to The TV Addict that Castiel's death is more about how it will impact the Winchesters and less about how it affects Castiel himself.

TVLine reported that Dabb confirmed Jack will not be the biggest threat the boys will be facing in season 13. He teased that it is an "old friend" that we haven't seen in many years, a character that will come from the alternate reality. As the alternate universe is a completely different timeline - and a world where Sam and Dean don't exist - there is a possibility of bringing back older characters in new iterations that fans have not seen before.

Some fans are speculating this old friend that will serve as the big threat in the upcoming season might be the Archangel, Michael.

Whoever it ends up being, this character is set to be a huge problem for the Winchesters.

At SDCC, the group also shared their excitement for the spin-off, "Wayward Sisters," that will focus on "Supernatural" characters Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes); Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster); Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton); and Ale Jones (Katherine Ramdeen). It will also star newcomer Clark Backo as Patience Tuner, Missouri Moseley's (Loretta Devine) granddaughter.

Devine will be in the third episode of season 13, reprising her character that fans haven't seen since season one. The cast and crew are also excited over the crossover episode with "Scooby-Doo," which will find the boys animated and teaming up with the famous cartoon gang in episode 16.

'Supernatural' episode titles

  • So far, the titles for episodes 1-12 and 16 have been released by SpoilerTV:
  • "Supernatural" 13x01: Lost and Found
  • "Supernatural" 13x02: The Rising Sun
  • "Supernatural" 13x03: Patience
  • "Supernatural" 13x04: The Big Empty
  • "Supernatural" 13x05: Advanced Thanatology
  • "Supernatural" 13x06: Tombstone
  • "Supernatural" 13x07: War of the Worlds
  • "Supernatural" 13x08: The Scorpion and the Frog
  • "Supernatural" 13x09: The Bad Place
  • "Supernatural" 13x10: Wayward Sisters
  • "Supernatural" 13x11: The Midnight Train
  • "Supernatural" 13x12: Various & Sundry Villains
  • "Supernatural" 13x16: ScoobyNatural

Many of the titles are already creating intrigue.

TVLine recently reported that Dabb revealed there will be an episode teased as the show's version of a "train heist with vampires." The executive producer said the episode would air after "Supernatural's" midseason break, likely placing it as episode 13x11, The MIdnight Train. Episode 13x04, The Big Empty, might be referring to The Empty and possibly Castiel's return.

The Scorpion and the Frog, episode 13x08, is likely a reference to an old fable. In this fable, a scorpion asks a frog to help it across the river, promising not to sting the frog. Halfway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog, which will inevitably lead to both of their deaths. When the frog asks why the scorpion did that, the scorpion replies that it is in its nature to do so.

This might be another reference to the nature vs. nurture argument that Padalecki and the cast and crew have mentioned regarding Sam's perspective on how to handle Jack.

The cast and crew are currently filming the new season. With a little less than two months to go until the season premiere, and spoilers slowly starting to come out as the countdown continues, eager fans are still in for a long wait to see what season 13 has in store.

"Supernatural's" season 13 premieres Thursday, October 12th, on The CW.