"Supernatural" season 13 is going to be a bit punishing for Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) as he comes face to face with a new journey in an alternate reality. In season 12, the devil was almost shatterproof by his enemies and had brought so much destruction to the Winchesters clan.

However, it seems as though the tables have turned in the new season. When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) sealed the son of Satan in the apocalypse world, this villainous character might have to start counting for his hard days underneath.

The first few episodes of the mega-popular series flaunted a few glimpse of his only child, Jack (Alexander Calvert) and the power he has inherited from him.

Despite earlier revelations about Jack's ability, it has remained fuzzy as to whether or not he will help Lucifer rise from his downfall.

Who's the 'game-changer' in season 13?

While Calvert's character seems to be getting a lot of attention on the internet feeds, the return of Archangel Michael (Christian Keyes) is also a huge topic among "Supernatural" viewers. According to Mashable, the comeback of this character will overhaul the entire season with unexpected plots underway, particularly hitting a portion of his loathsome relationship with Lucifer in the new season.

The reports further added that he would make Lucifer's life even more miserable in the alternate world. It seems as though karma came too early for the devil with Michael in the picture.

"If Michael was strong enough to subdue Lucifer, this one is strong enough in the alternate universe to tear Lucifer to shreds and to be the one responsible for the condition of the alternate universe," Mark Pellegrino hinted.

He went on to say that Michael has a different set of agendas that he wants to accomplish. It is not known yet if these ambitions will be beneficial to Sam and Dean, or vice versa.

In the middle of so many predictions about "Supernatural" season 13, it isn't clear yet how the story will be wrapped after adding two compelling characters, Jack and Alt-Michael.

What we know so far

Two episodes are down and more to come as the season progresses. Tons of theories previously claimed that the new installment is going to be just as nerve-wracking as the previous seasons.

But, judging from the looks of the first two episodes, the action-packed series will make the season extra heart-shattering and shaky for its viewers.

Sam and Dean are facing the season without their mother, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), who has been trapped in an alternate reality with Lucifer. Moreover, Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) have also risked their own lives to help the brothers defeat the enemy during the finale of season 12, so the fate of these characters remains unsure for now.

"Supernatural" season 13 episode 3 returns next Thursday, October 23 on The CW.