With the 13th season finally wrapped up, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are on a hiatus from their remarkable characters; the fans, however, do not. Although the season finale caused a lot of emotions amongst the fans, the biggest news is the announced amount of episodes for the 14th season: it is much shorter than usual.

Only 20 episodes to go

A decade ago “Supernatural” had its shortest season ever, with only 13 episodes, but that occurred due to the writer’s strike, not because it was planned so. This upcoming October 11th will welcome a season with only 20 episodes.

For seven years now, the fans have been used to a 23 episode storyline; thus triggering concern regarding the show’s future. After so many years of being on air, “Supernatural” has reached its point where the fans have been divided into three groups:

  1. The ones who never want it to end
  2. The ones who are constantly wondering for the final episode
  3. The ones who are surprised it is still on television

The past summer there are various rumors supported by the actors and producer’s statements that season 14 will indeed be the last season of “Supernatural.” In a vicious cycle, these rumors are retracted and brought back to life over and over, however with this new announcing of the last season being shorter for no apparent reason: the omens are pretty clear.

Given that the show has actually premiered before the creation of CW, it has, for sure, run its course.

What do the fans think?

Due to its highly loyal fan-base and unusually high ratings for a serial that has lasted so long, it is explainable that “Supernatural” has 14 seasons. However, with the show deciding to have a shorter storyline it is an omen of it winding down, and trying to come up with ways to tie up loose ends.

Furthermore, both actors have stated several times in interviews that they think the 300 episode benchmark would be an optimal number to stop the series. Although they love Sam and Dean Winchester, it is better for them to die with dignity rather to have the series dragged out and unsuccessful.

A majority of the fans root for the series to go on as long as possible, but even they have made peace with the fact that it cannot go on forever.

Ever since the series “WayWard Sisters” got canceled after it was set to start, it goes to show that this show has definitely run its course. Although millions all over the world will miss the show, it has left such an immense legacy; it is almost supernatural.