’Patience’ was a unique episode of season 13 of the horror show, Supernatural. Initially, it was the first monster of the week episode of the season. Second, it marked the return of Missouri, the psychic, to the show after more than a decade. She had first appeared in season 1 episode ’Home’ where she helped the Winchester brothers in cleansing a house from poltergeist. Third, our favorite sheriff Jody Mills also returned to help Dean.

It’s all about the family business, you know

Now a word about the episode title ’Patience’ which referred to both plotlines of the story.

One of Missouri’s friends, who was also a psychic, got murdered by a wraith with a special taste for psychics. Missouri sent Dean and Jody to protect her granddaughter, Patience. In the bunker, Sam patiently asked Jack practice to use his power without losing control.

The story signified the impact of one’s family background on how their future life would turn out to be. The episode contained some powerful scenes which commemorated the viewers of Season 4. Sam was also a hapless mess back then destined to bring destruction just like Jack today.

However, Dean’s distrust of Jack is mainly stemming from the fact that Jack is responsible for the death of Castiel. Being a Nephilim might not have anything to do with Dean’s resentment towards him.

After all, Dean had worked with monsters previously.

When Dean went on the case, Jack got to spend some time with the other Winchester. Sam, being the compassionate one, tried to make Jack control his powers which sadly didn’t go anywhere, all thanks to Dean’s reckless warning earlier. Dean should be cautious around T-1000.

Jack has become a focus of interest for many parties. Angels and Demons both are after him for their own ghastly objectives. Winchesters cannot afford to lose another team member nowadays.

The episode revolved around Missouri’s son and granddaughter who deserted her long time ago. Missouri sent Dean and Jody to rescue them while she waited patiently for her own death to buy her family some time.

Patience also had psychic abilities just like her grandmother and eventually helped her rescuers in killing the wraith.

Castiel was shown for the first time, but only as a glimpse lying in a void. Sam and Dean had burnt his body in the first episode of the season. How he will manage to keep the same vessel would be an interesting point in the upcoming episode.

The episode did not delve into the apocalyptic world. Until the last episode, Mary and Lucifer were trying to escape from Earth 2.0. Lucifer had a plan to offer Mary as a bargaining chip to Winchesters to take back his son, Jack.

Final verdict

It was a good episode, not great, but viewers would remember it for the last scene where Sam confronted Dean about his behavior with Jack.

It seemed to be two parents fighting over their respective method of parenting. Jack is slowly developing a likeness for Winchesters, but it is still open to speculation which side he would choose in a battle.