Supernatural has featured so many deaths in every season and one of the most shocking events of season 12 was Castiel’s dead body. Even so, the actor playing the fallen angel, Misha Collins, assures fans that he is coming back in Supernatural” season 13, but not in a way we expect.

Misha Collins confirms his comeback in season 13

We have previously learned that the British Men of Letters are still functioning and are killing demons and monsters in the cleanest way possible. Unfortunately, Sam and Dean do not operate the same which led to Sam’s torture.

Thankfully, Mary was there to save her son but based on what we have seen on the episode finale of season 12, she may stay separated from her kids again.

For "Supernatural" season 13, Misha Collins hinted how Castiel will come back. Although resurrection is common in the show, the showrunners might do something creative for Castiel’s return. There is a place where angels go after death and Cas finds himself stuck in it. There, he will find a woman. We do not know if she is a friend or a foe but this actress that Collins talked about must play an important role for Cas to reconnect with the Winchesters one more time.

What happens to Sam and Dean?

For Sam and Dean, things are going to be rough. They just lost so much.

What is left for them is Lucifer and Kelly’s child, Jack. The kid was born in a body of a teenager and while Sam thinks they should raise him properly so as he will not follow his father’s footsteps, Dean definitely wants to kill him. This disagreement will put pressure on the Winchester brothers.

Executive producer Robert Singer also hinted that compared to season 12, the new season will focus on the show’s emotional possibilities.

Moreover, familiar faces will return, a new spin-off will premiere, and the Scooby-Doo episode might just make us laugh so hard the way the other gag episodes did.

In the past, the Supernatural crew confirmed the Scooby Doo special is slated to be its next season’s sixteenth episode. If Castiel is back, the Winchester boys will hopefully bring their friend back to life around the season’s start, a report by Comic Book stated.

As for Mary, well, she might get to bond with Lucifer and Bobby for a while in the other dimension but there is no news that she is gone for good. Perhaps, the Winchester brothers will be able to find a way to save Castiel in the new season.

Supernatural” Season 13 looks like it is going to separate the characters we love for a long time to make the reunions more meaningful and special in the upcoming episodes of the new season.