There is something missing from the 13th season, and although we had initial trouble putting a finger on it, it seems that the quest is over. This season is certainly better and more breath-taking than the one we left behind, but nevertheless, it does not shake the feeling that something feels just off. The problem does not lie in the intriguing plot, the constant introduction of deviant villains, and literal broadening of horizons (that extra alternate dimension was the cherry on top of the Supernatural realm). The problem is that after 13 legendary years, “Supernatural” despite trying to remain true to its roots, it missed the point.

The story has ceased long ago being about Sam and Dean winchester.

There is nothing wrong with bringing in new characters and introducing storylines that do not necessarily involve the Hunter brothers, but when in over a season and a half, there has been no story whatsoever that focused on them, it seems like “Supernatural” is missing the point. Since the beginning, the show has been about Sam and Dean taking over the world, fighting evil, and saving whomever they could; however, now they have become mere visitors of the narrative. They are not playing an intrinsic role in the show anymore. No one is denying that they are saving the world, and affecting many lives while doing so; however, the show ceased being about them a couple of seasons ago.

A comparison with season 11

In the 11th season, although they were dealing with major issues, such as God, and Darkness; the show somehow did not shift focus from them. Somehow this biblical level of a legendary storyline still managed to include Sam and Dean in it. The brothers became an essential part of the story when Sam was being called by Lucifer, and Dean was under the spell of Amara.

Of course, they were the two main villains, and a lot of screen-time was dedicated to them, independently of the Winchesters; however, the focus never truly shifted. Now, in the 13th season, Sam and Dean Winchester appear as mere participators in the events that happen, and nothing is truly related to them.

Although Castiel is beginning to gain more screen-time in this current season, Sam and Dean Winchester have lost the connection with the essence of the show.

Jack is an interesting character, and focusing on him from time to time, seems like an ideal choice, but solely on him, makes the show into something that should not become. A story-line where Sam Winchester’s demonic past was intertwined with Jack’s future, and Dean’s destiny is put to the test, yet again, would make for an amazing plot twist, but it seems that the show, at least for the moment, is heading into another direction.