There are dramatic moments on the history of television, and there are 'Supernatural' dramatic moments that takes the drama and heart break to a whole new level. Dean winchester has gone through literal Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, and during his 12 season journey, he has made fans laugh, and cry (but mostly cry let's be honest). Here is a list of the most Heart Breaking scenes this hero has made us go through.

5. Whatever you hear, don't get out of bed

In season 4, episode 3, we witness the Winchester brothers meet their parents before themselves have even been conceived.

Although in the end both Mary and John have their memory wiped clean by the angels in order not to disrupt the timeline, what Dean tells to his mother is truly heart breaking. He warns her not to get out of bed of November 2nd 1983 no matter what she hears or sees. This reminded the fans of all the horror Sam and Dean went through just because of that unfortunate night.

4. I forgive you for all of it

"I hate you" were the first words he told his mother when he started his confession in episode 22 of season 12. Although he loves his mom to death, Dean still said all the horrors his family had to go through just because she made the deal to save John Winchester. Sam was imprisoned to hell with Lucifer, Dean became a knight of Hell, and John made it its life purpose not to raise a family, but to chase a demon.

And after all that he has been through, Dean forgave Mary for everything.

3. I am proud of us

In the last seconds before Dean "dies" after being stabbed by Metatron, we witness a desperate Sam clutching onto his bloody brother. We get to witness Sam beg his brother to stay alive, scream when Dean passes out, and look at his eyes fill with darkness when he realizes that he just lost everything he ever cared about.

2. I wish I didn't feel a damn thing

Dean going to Hell because of the demon deal to bring Sam back to life has got to be one of the darkest story lines of 'Supernatural'. After he came back, it became obvious to fans that horrifying things must have occurred to him. What we could never imagine, is Dean Winchester's confession in season 4, episode 10 where he told Sam he had tortured souls.

He admitted to have ripped apart a countless number of souls for over 10 years, a deed which was haunting each moment of his existence. And all he wishes in those moments, is not to feel a damn thing.

Although these are honorable mentions, tissues were still needed in abundance in the moments where Dean erased himself from Lisa's and Ben's memory, when he almost killed Castiel, or when he threw the Samulet away.

1. I had one job, and I screwed up

Although this would go on to be just the first time Dean said goodbye to Sam, this scene between a weeping Dean and a lifeless Sam Winchester in season 2, episode 22 is the most heart breaking of them all. We witness a truly broken brother. One who thought of himself as a failure for not being able the one thing he should have done, protect or.