The CW is heading into March with the return of the final season of "Supernatural," the premiere of "Roswell, New Mexico" season two, and the return of a few shows from their brief hiatus. No word yet on the return dates for “In the Dark” or the final season of “The 100.” With the exception of “The 100” and “Supernatural,” the CW has renewed every show on their roster for another season. The network has picked up “Walker” and “Superman & Lois” two series with “Katy Keene” receiving additional episodes while also picking up, once again, the pilot for the “Lost Boys." The backdoor pilots to “Arrow” and “The 100” have yet to be picked up or rejected.

No word yet on the second season premiere date for the summer series, “Pandora.” The CW also picked up the pilot for “Kung Fu” which is a re-imagining of the 1970s series with Shannon Dang, Jon Prasida, and Eddie Liu cast.

Returning favorites off brief hiatus

The current season of “Supergirl” has focused on Lena and Kara's friendship which was the focus of the show's 100th episode. The big event saw the return of several characters which includes Chris Wood, Odette Annable, Sam Witwer, Jeremy Jordan, and notable guest Thomas Lennon, as Mxyzptlk. The episode saw Kara facing the question of if things would have turned out differently if she had told Lena the truth sooner, but with each new timeline, things only seemed to get worse with emotional moments such as Lena’s death and her evil turn with control over Brainy and Reign.

The episode ended with Kara making a decision to forgive her own mistakes and to give Lena a choice to decide who she wants to be which also came with a warning. The CW description for the March 8 episode sees “Supergirl” receiving a task from Lex to protect Andrea from an anti-tech extremist while he also helps Lena move forward with Non Nocere.

Legacies” returns March 12 with “There’s a Place Where the Lost Things Go” which finds Emma (returning guest Karen David) helping the students by transporting them into the world of a noir stimulation so they can heal from recent traumas. Hope, Josie, Lizzie, MG, and Rafael must face their conflicts or face consequences within the stimulation.

Nancy Drew” returns with “The Terror of Horseshoe Bay” on March 4 with time running out before Carson’s evidentiary hearing which forces Nancy to turns to supernatural sources in an attempt to free her father. “Nancy Drew” continues with “The Haunting of Nancy Drew” on March 11 with Nancy finally unraveling what happened to Lucy the night she died which will reveal a devasting truth.

"Supernatural" and "Roswell" Mondays

The final season return of “Supernatural” comes with a move from Thursdays to Mondays starting March 16. TVLine reported that “Supernatural” was on the hunt to cast younger versions of Sam and Dean. The episode will find the two brothers embarking on one of their first hunts and will be towards the end of the series.

No clues have been giving how the series will end, but a few cryptic teases have been given such as when Jensen Ackles revealed that he had to go through a process and gain a little clarity about how the show's upcoming ending. No episode descriptions have been released by the CW as of yet. “Supernatural” will serve as the lead-in to the upcoming season of “Roswell, New Mexico.”

TVLine unveiled three new sneak peek photos for the season two premiere of “Roswell, New Mexico.” One photo gives a peek at Isobel glammed out in her funeral best, a tender hug between Liz, her father, and Maria, and a third photo that shows an intense moment between Michael and Alex. The synopsis for what fans can expect in the season teases that Liz will be torn between her grief over losing Max and her joy at getting Rosa back after all this time.

Liz concocts a plan to protect Rosa by leaving town, but when side effects after Rosa's resurrection start showing, Liz will make an alarming discovery. Elsewhere, Isobel is channeling her grief into honing her alien abilities in the aftermath of losing Max and discovering Noah’s betrayal. SpoilerTV reveals further sneak peek photos from the CW that show further images from Max’s funeral, another shot of the heated exchange between Michael and Alex, and more photos of Liz with her father and Maria. The premiere episode is entitled “Stay (I missed You)” and will air March 16. Several notable guest stars are set to appear in the second season: David Anders, Cassandra Jean Amell, Gaius Charles, and original “Roswell” vet Jason Behr.