The past has literally come back to haunt the Winchester brothers in their final season of hunting things and saving people. "Supernatural" season 14 ended with the brothers defying Chuck's orders to end Jack's life by refusing to continue to play by his rules. One snap of his fingers later and Chuck has brought back every monster Sam and Dean have faced. Showrunner Andrew Dabb shares with TV Guide that this action by Chuck is equivalent to him stomping his foot and tearing a hole between earth and Hell. This means Sam, Dean, and Cas have to find a way to fix everything which EP Brad Buckner says gives them a creative adjustment for the show that will be dealt with for several episodes.

Jensen Ackles, Matt Cohen (young John Winchester), and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) will be directing episodes this season.

A Winchester returns for the final season

Though circumstances aren't looking good for Jack, Alexander Calvert is set to return. It's been confirmed that Jack will be in the Big Empty during the early part of the season. Andrew Dabb teases to TV Guide the return of Jake Abel as Adam who fans know as the long lost Winchester. Adam was last seen in season five when he ended up in Lucifer's cage. Rowena and Eileen are two other characters said to be returning. John Winchester is unlikely to return with his return last season being described as having a wonderful exit but nothing has been confirmed for sure.

The showrunner continues that characters that have been seen before will be returning along with characters that have yet to be met, going on to tease how they'll be further exploring the primordial forces such as Death and the Big Empty.

How the actors want it to end

Jensen Ackles shares at TCA that this season they're trying to do justice to what they've done over the past 14 seasons.

The premiere will pick up with the boys surrounded by zombies so everything else will come second to the three men fighting to survive which Ackles goes on to share to Variety that they find a shelter that's not really safe until they can figure out what to do next. Jared Padalecki describes to Variety the premiere as a triage situation with undercurrents of anger and resentment that they will get to later.

Misha Collins adds that for Castiel there will be a bit of detachment as he deals with the loss of Jack and Dean's anger towards him.

Ackles opens up with TV Guide about how he believes that fans will feel good about "Supernatural" will end while also stating that this has been a long journey that he doesn't think will ever be truly over. The actor also says that he's open to something in the future if “Supernatural” were to one-day return following the finale. Collins shares to Den of Geek what he'd like to see for Castiel's end is to have him become purely ethereal or become an invisible being. The actor also speaks with Variety about how he always pictured Castiel dying before the end of the series as it seems like the show should end with Sam and Dean alone.

Though the actor has hopes that Castiel will tell the Winchesters how much they mean to him before the show is over and teases that it's not a conventional happily-ever-after. Cinema Blend reports that the trouble Ackles had with the ending before words from friends gave him some clarity and he ended up pumped about it. Padalecki describes the ending as being a version of peace for the brothers.

Collins shares with TV Guide during TCA that every day is a new last with the actor expressing his sincerest wish to see other fandoms emulating helping one another and his hope that this will be the legacy "Supernatural" leaves behind. Collins, Ackles, and Padalecki are all known for their charitable causes.

Ackles shares at TCA that he hopes to stave off emotion until around episode 18 or 19 (the season only has 20 episodes) and describes the show ending as causing a big shift in their lives. The final season of "Supernatural" will premiere on October 10 with the CW also planning a tribute for the show.