Forbes predicts that "Deadpool 2," a satirically violent and comic spoof of the superhero genre, will likely earn $500 million in revenues by the end of the long weekend. This is a pretty good profit margin for distributors 20th Century Fox and associated producers, who put the film together on a $110 million budget.

Not only are profits looking good for "Deadpool 2," but leading man and title character Ryan Reynolds just reached the No. 1 position in The Hollywood Reporter's popularity chart for actors mentioned on social media. "Deadpool 2" is a phenomenon in the making, with its actors ascending to new heights of popularity, even as the film twists and comically critiques superhero genre expectations.

'Deadpool 2' is a dark take on the superhero film

The entire "Deadpool" film series exists as a mockery of the superhero film genre, according to The Atlantic. "Deadpool" is based on adult-oriented comics created by writer Louise Simonson and the artist Rob Liefeld. The Atlantic reports that Liefeld was particularly drawn to masculine, dark, anti-heroes in his creation of characters like Deadpool. Unlike traditional Marvel superheroes, Liefeld's were highly weaponized and much more likely to kill to advance their agendas. In "Deadpool 2," the title character's agenda begins as a revenge saga initiated by the murder of his girlfriend.

In the early 1990s, according to The Atlantic, Liefeld was at the top of his game, writing violent action comics when action Movies were typically of the shoot first, ask questions later variety, perfect for his brand of superhero.

Liefeld was in synch with the times. Although Liefeld started working with Marvel, he ultimately left and continued to create action comics that pushed the superhero genre to the limits. "Deadpool 2" revives the subversive flair of Liefeld's work, mixing in comedy and sarcasm about the glut of superhero action films currently pervasive in the movie marketplace.

'Deadpool 2' is subversive superhero fun

The Verge reports that the original "Deadpool" was a self-consciously subversive take on the superhero film genre, and that "Deadpool 2" does the same with the superhero "team-up" film so prevalent today. In "Deadpool 2," the title character played by Ryan Reynolds teams up with cyborg Cage, played by Josh Brolin, as well as a group called X-Force.

According to The Verge, film sequences involving the X-Force team-up are outrageous and completely upend genre expectations. The original "Deadpool" earned more than $780 million worldwide. Superhero film satire appears to be quite popular and quite lucrative. This weekend will tell us more about the increasing success of "Deadpool 2."