Fans of the esteemed television show “Supernatural” were all for a spin-off series titled “Wayward Sisters” which was set to focus around a group of female characters who have made appearances on the show. Despite the spin-off having a successful backdoor pilot episode on “Supernatural” that was premiered back in January of this year. However, with the influx of television news this past week, a source at the network has confirmed the series won’t continue. Despite the excitement of “Supernatural” fans and cast members alike, it seems it wasn’t enough incentive to push the show to series.

The spin-off had a successful backdoor pilot episode

Back in June, The Hollywood Reporter released an article stating that television network The CW would once again consider pushing forward with a spin-off series based on their hit show “Supernatural.” Not only did this excite existing fans of the show, but the decision received a lot of support from cast members of the series who took to social media to showcase their keenness to see the concept developed into a full series.

The idea for the “Supernatural” spin-off originated throughout the fan-base of the franchise in April 2015 after an episode of the show showcased two young female characters of the show being sent to stay with the existing character of Sheriff Jody Mills.

In reference to the living situation, the household was deemed a “halfway house for wayward girls.” Thus gave way to the idea to have a spin-off series based on two female sheriffs taking in and training young women to fight against supernatural forces.

The premise quickly snowballed as fans far and wide took a liking to the concept and social media accounts to promote the idea were soon set up and captured the interest of actors Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster who respectively portray the two sheriffs on “Supernatural.” The actors even took to create a campaign for the spin-off and sold t-shirts to raise funds for the charity ‘Random Acts’ which was founded by “Supernatural” co-star Misha Collins.

After the amount of attention that the cast brought to the idea, it was finally announced in June 2017 that the 13th season of the show would feature an official backdoor pilot.

Wayward Sisters” was set to focus on a group of all-female characters coming together to rise above the supernatural forces that they’ve had to battle throughout their own independent storylines.

This was a notably loved idea, especially by female fan members throughout the audiences of the somewhat seemingly immortal “Supernatural” – as it would work to serve better representation of women. Likewise, the existing series has previously been critiqued for its treatment and portrayal of female main characters. The spin-off would serve as a way to promote the empowerment of already-loved personalities that have already been introduced in earlier episodes.

The CW will not take the idea to series

Even though the backdoor pilot episode was successful and received a largely positive response from advocates for the spin-off, The CW has made the decision not to proceed with the series order for “Wayward Sisters.” Understandably, this disheartened many fan members and cast members alike due to the seemingly bright future that the spin-off had in front of it.

The creator and executive producer of “Supernatural” Andrew Dabb was the one to break the news this Friday with a statement expressing his disappointment.

"It breaks my heart to say this, but CW has chosen to pass on "Wayward Sisters." We love these characters, and have spent almost two years trying to make this show a reality on the network... but there are some fights, sometimes, you can't win,” Dabb tweeted. He then went onto thank the fans for their immense passion for the idea and once again apologized that, despite their best efforts, the spin-off would not become a reality.

Jody Mills will live on throughout ‘Supernatural’

Despite confirming the news that the spin-off is a no-go, Dabb did also reassure audiences that we will once again see the character of Jody Mills featured on the main show itself.

He explained that, even though the spin-off would not be coming to the small screen anytime soon, the characters that “Wayward Sisters” was set to focus around will live on throughout “Supernatural.”

With such love and drive for the idea to become a reality, it’s no surprise that The CW has already received quite a lot of backlash from fans of “Supernatural” with audience members expressing their disappointment in the television network once again. In the past, The CW has received further complaints about the development of the writing for “Supernatural.”

While we’re not going to be seeing a series based on the “Wayward Sisters” just yet, there’s still the possibility for a potential online web series to be developed.

We’re just going to have to wait and see if the cast involved have any further ideas to push the series concept towards production, even if it’s not for television.

Supernatural” will premiere its Season 13 finale this coming Thursday on The CW at 8/9 Central, and there’s little doubt that the show will once again be picked up for Season 14. Though, beyond that, there is speculation as to how many years the show has left with its continued success and fans are questioning whether the 14th season will bring an end to the Winchester brothers’ story.