Zak Bagans, paranormal investigator and star of the Travel Chanel hit series "Ghost Adventures," reveals he has finally opened up the cursed Dybbuk Box while under COVID-19 quarantine in late March according to Hollywood News Daily.

The Ghost Adventures star is set to reveal the details of the 14 days of sheer terror that he and his ghost hunting team endured during their 14-day quarantine spent locked down within the walls of Bagans' Las Vegas Haunted Museum. The museum houses hundreds of items collected by Bagans which claimed to be some of the most haunted and terrifying in the world.

Zak Bagans shares unsettling details

Number one on the most haunted items list owned by Bagans the infamous Dybbuk Box. The Dybbuk Box is an antique wine cabinet and is claimed to contain pure evil, a dybbuk — which is a restless, evil spirit that can possess the living. In 2018 Bagans and his team of ghost hunters were supposed to open the Dybbuk Box during a four-hour live television special which aired on Halloween night, however, Bagans changed his mind in the last moments of the live show claiming he was too concerned for his health to move forward with the event at the time.

Pandemic stirred up paranormal spirits claims Zak Bagans

.Bagan reveals despite all of his experiences and adventures with the paranormal he is “very nervous” when it comes to the Dyybuk Box.

Now, nearly two-years later Zak has finally opened the haunted box despite his anxiety with the box. The event will take place during the four-part Travel Channel special mini-series "Ghost Adventures: Quarantine.

Bagans and crew filmed the upcoming mini inside of Bagans' Las Vegas Haunted Museum.

Bagans claims the mini-series will reveal the "anxiety-driven" investigation in which Zak states he believes that the world coronavirus pandemic unleashed the manifestations of spirit activity at an "unprecedented level." Paranormal investigators Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley joined Bagans in filming the special event, which culminated in Bagans' decision to open the infamous Dybbuk Box.

Zak stated it was one of the scariest moments. He reveals the crew captured the event on camera revealing a strange and eerie mist coming from the box upon opening revealing what he believes to be the Dybbuk entity. Bagans added that the mist appeared, and was "crouching down towards the wall behind the box," adding it was a sight that he will never forget.

Las Vegas haunted museum houses hundreds of the scariest items in the world

Besides the haunted Dybbuk Box, Zak Bagans' and his "Ghost Adventures" crew spent their lockdown alongside "haunted artifacts including, the Devil's Rocking Chair (from the estate of Ed and Lorraine Warren), Peggy the Doll, which, he says, has caused heart attacks among some who have looked upon her.

Dead celebrity items such as Michael Jackson's chair from his death room, paintings done by serial killer John Wayne Gacy, artifacts once owned by Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez, and a cauldron and items owned by notorious murderer Ed Gein to just name a few of the items located in the 30-room museum.

Tune in on Thursday, June 11 at 9 PM ET/PT to see what possible evil Zak Bagans unleashed during the opening of the famous Dybbuk Box during episode one of the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures: Quarantine."