During the past 12 seasons of "Supernatural" we have dealt with a wide diversity of episodes, ranging from funny to pretty damn scary. All in all, although "Supernatural" is classified within the horror genre of TV Shows, fans do not consider it truly terrifying for the most part. There are several episodes throughout the series that manage to create goosebumps (and I am not talking about the listening-to-amazing-music kind), but "Bloody Mary" in season one, is an episode worthy of making it a Halloween classic for your friends.

What was the plot?

The plot starts by mocking the famous legend of Bloody Mary that swept through the nation, by having a bunch of girls prank their friend with it during a sleepover. However, as in any opening scene of "Supernatural" it ended bloody. The death, by drowning in your own pool of blood, attracted the attraction of the Winchester brothers. They started investigating and discovered the legend of a girl who murdered every person that muttered her name three times in front of a mirror, but also had a deep, dark secret. Incorporated in this episode's story line, is Sam Winchester's own struggle with Jessica's death. He keeps awakening horrified from his dreadful nightmares, where he keeps on finding Jessica pinned on the ceiling and up in flames over and over again.

What makes it the creepiest episode of the series?

What makes the episode truly scaring and creepy is how the story line plays out. The boys attempt to trap the spirit within the mirrors by using Sam's secret as bait; however, as it goes in most of the episodes, this plan goes horribly wrong. Bloody Mary is able to over come the boys and manages to corner Sam.

As the mirror is in front of him, it shows a creepy reflection of himself murmuring his deepest secret. He knew Jessica could die in those flames, as he kept seeing her death in a dream, yet he still could not manage to stop it. In the end the boys cleverly use the mirror against the spirit, by making it look at itself, thus destroying its essence, since the spirit itself was guilty of killing all those people.

After everything is resolved, the boys decide as always to leave town.

In the last scene in the Impala, Dean asks Sam to tell him the secret that almost got them both murdered; however, Sam says that even though he would die for his brother, some secrets have to stay like that. Perhaps, the most frightening moment of them all, is when Jessica appears. She stands still in a plain white dress, perfect for her silhouette, and just stares. She stares with grief, sadness, and hollow right into Sam. And the screen goes black.