Babak Haleky started out with his sights on a career in medicine until his creative side took over. Out of Vancouver, BC this talented actor and musician will soon be seen on "Supernatural" January 31, 2019, ironically playing a doctor. He can be spotted on the action-adventure film called “Wings Over Everest,” "Lucifer," "Travelers," and "Rogue." This talent also produces electronic music and carries his laptop everywhere he goes. Look for his new album release, called "Traveler," that will hit stores this Spring of 2019. Get to know Babak with my exclusive interview.

Fun on the set of 'Supernatural'

Colleen Bement: Welcome to the "Supernatural Family" with your character of Dr. Rashad in the 12th episode in this 14th season. Tell us all about your experience on the set.

Babak Haleky: I had too much fun on set. I know the show well so I had done my prep work before going to set. I was welcomed by everyone and was really happy I got to work with Jared, Jensen, and Misha. The episode was directed by Thomas J. Wright, who was very supportive and trusted me with the character. The boys work hard and play hard and I kept up with their jokes and offered my own when appropriate.

CB: I've heard that a spot on "Supernatural" is kind of like a rite of passage for Canadian actors.

Were you a fan of the show?

BH: Funny thing, I had barely auditioned for the show in the last 13 seasons, but this season I had four auditions and I knew I was destined to work on it, so I started watching the show again on Netflix. I got up to season eight when I landed the gig. When I was on set at times I was thinking I had somehow been transported into the supernatural world, kinda like 'The French Mistake' episode in season six!

CB: What upcoming projects are you allowed to tell your fans about? "Wings Over Everest" looks intense!

BH: At the start of 2018 I spent two months in China shooting an action-adventure film called “Wings Over Everest.”This movie is about a rescue team over Mount Everest, and I play the role of Suya, who keeps an eye on the team from the control tower and also takes care of the finances.

This was another level of acting experience for me because I got to work with many casts and crews from different parts of Asia and North America. There were about four languages being spoken on set, with different translators working hard to keep everyone up to speed on what the next shot was going to be, but when the cameras were rolling we were all on the same page.

Aside from working on set, I traveled to some great locations like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Shanghai and Heaven’s gate on my days off. Aside from acting, I produce electronic music and having my laptop with me, I was very inspired during my time there and produced an album that I named ‘traveler’, which will be released in the spring of 2019.

I produced tracks at airports, on plane rides and my hotel rooms.

From TV series fan to guest star

CB: My readers love some of the shows that you've guest starred on. Can you share any stories about your time on "Lucifer", "Travelers", or "Rogue"?

BH: In season one, episode one of "Rogue" I played the role of a doctor that gets called in to patch up Grace Travis (played by Thandie Newton) after she’s been shot. This role was special because production hired nurses who trained me surgically. They used fake skin to show me how it’s done in the surgery room. In the episode you see my hand stitching Thandie’s gunshot wound in her shoulder. Marton Csokas and Thandie Newton were great to work with and I enjoyed their intensity.

The "Lucifer" crew was just an amazing bunch. I got to play a hotel manager in Season 2, episode 2 and met all the cast and spent time with them exchanging stories and had a good time on set. Landing this role was an important moment in my career as I had taken some time off from acting and this was my comeback role.

I played the role of an auction volunteer in episode 11, season two of "Travelers." I had just finished watching season 1 and was very excited to work on it. I’m a big fan of Eric McCormack from "Will and Grace" and was very excited to learn I was going to be on set with him and Leah Cairns, but I was really surprised when I stepped out of my trailer and found Enrico Colantoni walking around rehearsing his lines.

I’ve been a fan of his from “person of Interest” TV series. He’s an amazing person and we got to hang out on set and had our scene together which was an honor for me.

Babak's creative side won

CB: Tell us more about your love for filmmaking. Have you tried your hand at writing or directing?

BH: I’ve always been a creative person. I wasn’t always perusing acting and music, I was once a biology major on my way to becoming a doctor. In the second year, I found myself losing interest and paying attention to my creative side. That’s when I transferred to the school of drama and on the side started learning music on my own. After many many years of hard work and determination at the same time, I landed my major role on "Wings over Everest" in China, I got a record deal with Plastic magic records to release my music. I have written a few short scripts in the Sci-Fi genre, but haven’t perused writing and directing professionally yet, but it’s a new year and I’m an ambitious person!