There are a lot of ongoing issues in "Supernatural", which fans do not agree upon; however one thing is for sure: they have a heck of an amazing collection of soundtracks. Many TV Shows that are still on air usually have a modern collection of songs to occupy their background, in order to appeal more to their audiences. However “Supernatural” is a little bit different in its musical choices. In this article, we will show the five best tracks featured in the episodes.

5. 'Smoke on the Water'

This song is a classic, and Deep Purple has managed to imprint themselves within the “Supernatural” realm themselves.

It can be found in the 6th season, and is perfect against the gruesome background of that episode.

4. 'Wanted Dead or Alive'

Jon Bon Jovi could not be missing from the list. This amazing song gives you the chills and compels you to sing along at the same time. It was featured during Season 3 in the last episode when Dean feels like he is heading to his death.

3. 'Highway to Hell'

AC/DC was featured in the very first episode of “Supernatural,” and we all remember the legendary scene of the Winchester brothers arguing with each other over who gets to pick the music. Sam Winchester, according to the shotgun rules, unfortunately had to shut his cake hole.

2. 'Eye of the Tiger'

Although this song is found in many movies, as the perfect tune to sing along to during a heist or a dangerous operation; it has a unique context in “Supernatural.

” Each time dedicated fan time hear this song, they are reminded of the awesome scene of Jensen singing it on the side of the Impala.

1. 'Carry On My Wayward Son'

I do not think anyone had any doubts about the first pick. This track by Kansas, has been with the show through thick and thin (to be honest all the final episodes of the seasons were mostly troublesome), and has become an outstanding feature of the show itself.

Always present in the breath-taking finales, it symbolizes their journey, struggles, and hope that things will be, in the end, okay (it reminds them and us to Carry On).

So in case you wanted to expand the list of songs in your IPod or phone, these ones in the list above would be perfect to raise the adrenaline, and give your confidence a huge boost.

It is true that this track is not very common in TV Shows, but this is one of the characteristics that makes "Supernatural" extra special at the end of the day. After all, who knows, one of them may end up as your new ringtone or jam.