Waiting eagerly for the “Supernatural” premiere is like waiting to be “punched in the heart.” We know it will hurt, and yet we still wait in front of the screen for the Winchester brothers ready to be punched. This week’s premiere was simply amazing, and from the looks of it, we will be having a much more thrilling season than this year. We were hooked from second one to Castiel’s “last" goodbye.

Meet Jack, everybody

The episode, as promised, picked up exactly where the last season left off, mere seconds after the death of Castiel, the trapping of Lucifer and Mary in the alternate dimension, and the Nephilim Jack being born.

Although so far we do not have a clear grasp on Jack’s full powers, we have a vague idea. As the son of Lucifer, he is immortal (not even an angel blade to the heart can get to him), has magical powers to get free Candy Bars from vending machines, and can remember details before he was even born. One particular moment that shocked us all was the revelation of who Jack considers to be his real father. And fortunately, instead of Lucifer, Jack idolized Castiel as a father figure.

To be or not to be evil?

After all the speculations and wondering, we finally got to meet Jack. He grew up within seconds since, according to his mother, he could not be a baby in that world. Jack is not evil, and apparently, does not mind walking naked in a fast food restaurant.

After he was found by a sheriff, he was taken to the police station, where we got to see the teenager side of him, not the evil son of Lucifer we have all been dreading through the summer.

Since episode one, we are witnessing the rift between Sam and Dean regarding Jack, and what to do with him. Sam Winchester, as always, sees the good even in the most dangerous creatures of creation, while Dean simply wants to find a way to eradicate all evil that roams the Earth (no exceptions whatsoever).

And when worse comes to worse, Dean prays; and to him with Castiel and Mary gone, things could not get any worse. He tried to contact God; however, after not receiving an answer to his prayer, it seems like hope is dead to Dean as well. In the end of the episode, we got to say goodbye to Castiel, and listen to Sam thank him for all the good he has done for the world.

The fans do know that Castiel is not actually dead, just “Supernaturally” dead (the temporary death used for dramatic enhancement, or to cause pain to fans).

It was a premiere, that kept you pinned to your chair (hopefully not to any fiery walls); and we cannot wait for the rest of the 13th season.