The final season of “Supernatural” came with a slight hitch when production shut down due to the coronavirus and put the final seven episodes in flux. The CW announced that “Supernatural” will finish out its run on October 8th. The final season has been emotional for the cast as they face putting so many years behind them. In an interview with Digital Spy, Jensen Ackles calls the final episode emotional and gives a tease about the final two, describing one as the season-ender and the other as the series ender.

Ackles continues by opening up about how he has spent every episode viewing the script from a practical perspective, but the series finale got him highly emotional.

Jared Padalecki adds his own emotional struggle, sharing that he was sad when he read the script and is quick to assure fans that it wasn't because the script was sad but it was the finality on such a huge part of his life. Padalecki ends the interview with how he couldn't be happier with how it ends and felt as if it does the characters justice.

'Supernatural' stars share emotional social media messages

The two stars have previously taken to social media to express emotional messages. Ackles took to Instagram in a post sharing the weight of how previous season finales always had "to be continued" at the end while the series finale had simply "the end." Padalecki also took to social media to express how incredibly grateful he is for what Supernatural and the SPN Family mean to him.

The series finale is entitled “Carry On” and will air on November 19 following a retrospective entitled “Supernatural: The Long Road Home” which will look back over the last fifteen years. It's also to be noted for those wishing to binge prior to the final episodes, they can catch every season on Netflix and go to TNT for a week-long marathon in celebration of the series 15th anniversary which starts September 14.

The marathon will air fan-favorite and cast-favorite episodes as well as feature exclusive BTS footage from the series leads Ackles, Padalecki, and Misha Collins.

The series leads have already set up their post- “Supernatural” careers as Jared Padalecki is set to star in the CW's remake of “Walker, Texas Ranger,” simply titled “Walker” in the leading role once occupied by Chuck Norris.

Jensen Ackles has landed a role on the third season of Amazon Prime's “The Boys.”

Check out these favorite funny 'Supernatural' episodes

Check out these episodes personal favorites from the last fifteen years:

Season 1, season 1: “pilot” is the episode that started it all. An episode that took a chance and quickly became the start of something that no one had any idea that fifteen years later fans would be sad to see the final season of "Supernatural." At the time, Jared Padalecki was best known for his role on "Gilmore Girls" while Jensen Ackles left "Smallville" season four (those of you "Smallville" fans may remember a certain meteor). The episode sparked a phenomenon that would be a cult favorite and cause a huge impact on fans.

The search for their dad and the fight against the yellow-eyed demon would soon become a fond memory of the show and the least of their worries. Season 4, Episode 1: “Lazarus Rising” is an episode that changed the course of "Supernatural" as fans knew it and created a huge turning point by not only introducing angels into the mix but adding the character of the angel Castiel and bring Misha Collins in as a series regular.

Season 4, Episode 6: “Yellow Fever” is a must-watch for those looking to share a few fond memories and several laughs. This is one of Ackles' standout moments that really showed off his talent for comedy. The episode finds Dean infected by a ghost virus that makes him terrified of everything around him, going as far as having Dean run from a small dog and screaming in fear over a cat.

Season 6, Episode 9: “Clap your hands if you believe” is the perfect follow-up to "Yellow Fever" as it's another funny episode where the show doesn't take itself too seriously and lets the actors be silly during a season that was weighted by the drama of Sam without a soul. Dean and Sam investigate a disappearance that everyone contributes to UFOs. Season 6, Episode 15: “The French Mistake” is considered one of the five most shocking episodes of "Supernatural" and will round out any funny episodes binge with one of television's most meta episodes. Sam and Dean get thrown through a portal into another world where they take the place of their alter egos Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Until they can find their way back, they have to pretend to be these actors and work with the actor who portrays Castiel, Misha Collins.

It's the actors playing their characters pretending to be themselves.

Make room for 'Supernatural' emotional episodes

Season 7, Episode 10: “Death's Door” is "Supernatural" at it's heartbreaking finest. The show is no stranger to loss. Every fan can make a list of how many characters they've loved and lost. Some fan-favorites have made their way back in some form or another while others make no plans to even be in the series finale. This episode was one of the saddest as the brothers have already experienced the loss of their father back at the start of season two, only to lose their father figure, Bobby, who took them in and in some ways acted as more of a father to them than their own. Season 13, Episode 1: “Lost and Found” is another episode where the show experiences a huge change.

This time in the form of Jack (Alexander Calvert) who is set up as a potentially villainous character being the son of Lucifer, but he soon became a significant member of the Winchester family and of the show.

The last of episode that is a personal favorite is Season 13, Episode 10: “Wayward Sisters” which is the second failed spin-off of the series, but easily the most painful. The episode was considered the "Supernatural" spin-off you've been waiting for, but ultimately it wasn't good enough for the network and was quickly canceled by the CW. The network tried once to spin-off the show off with an episode that introduced all-new characters, so as a way to fix their mistake they attempted again with one set to focus on the women of "Supernatural." Jodie was set to be the heart of the series which would follow her and the girls she helped.

As the final episodes grow closer, be sure to check out all your favorite episodes of "Supernatural" and be sure to catch it on the CW in October.