"Supernatural" will finally be returning to our screens in one month from now, on October 12th, and we will get to see what is in store for the fans (finally because we do not know if we can wait any longer!). So far, there have been several spoilers released for the upcoming season, and a bunch of rumors as well (there have been a lot of gossips spreading around about the future of "Supernatural"). After the opening of the rift and the creation that alternate dimension, where Sam and Dean Winchester were never born, it created a whole new range of opportunities for the writers.

What will happen in season 13?

In this season, the fans are in for a major surprise, regarding one major Archangel returning to the show.

Although this particular character was not liked in the fifth season, where it appeared for the first and last time, we are about to have him back. We are talking about the return of the archangel Michael. He accidentally threw himself into the pit along with Lucifer in Sam Winchester's body, while he was trying to stop him from jumping altogether. He took along with him the body of the third Winchester brother, who has now been stuck in the Cage of Hell for the past seven seasons. Now the show runner, Andrew Dabb, has thought of bringing him in the scene again by using the rift in the dimension as a tool.

Alongside him, there will be other characters reappearing.

After the son of Lucifer, was brought into the world at the end of season 12, he brought with himself a true universe of opportunities.

With Lucifer stuck in the other dimension and Crowley sacrificing himself for the good of the world, Hell has an opening for it "Iron Throne." Will Jack be the new ruler of the underworld?

Especially, since Jared Padalecki has made some very clear statements about making Jack a sort of hero, rather than quickly turn him over to the dark side. Sam Winchester will do whatever it takes to make a hero out of the new Prince of Darkness.

How is the new Michael?

About the new Michael, there are a lot of speculations about how his character will be; however, some details are known for sure.

He will not possess the body of Adam, and his character will be entirely different from what we were previously used to. He is a fierce leader, a warrior of Heaven, but also can be regarded as a Genghis Khan. He does not have much mercy, and there was no Sam or Dean Winchester to make him merciful. In this Winchester-less alternate dimension, we will be dealing with what characters would have been without the presence of those two mighty vessels. At last, we will see what happens when a Winchester-less universe collides with the Winchesters.