The majority of "Supernatural" fans have apparently already adopted this season's newest character, Jack, and there are a few reasons why. These include his childlike innocence and curiosity, a determination to be good despite being the spawn of Lucifer, and even his love of nougat. Of course, the most important aspect of Jack's character is his relationship with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, bringing an interesting dynamic into the brothers' world.

Played by Alexander Calvert, Jack has quickly become a fan favorite.

Jack, the Nephilim

Jack, born to Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), is a Nephilim, aka, he is half human and half angel. Being the son of the devil makes some, including Dean, suspect that Jack will end up becoming evil like his father. Sam, on the other hand, remains the hopeful optimist, relating to a kid destined to be bad and wanting to help Jack be good instead.

While the argument of nature vs nurture has made the situation a bit tense for the Winchester brothers in the first few episodes of season 13, Jack has been slowly figuring out the world around him. He's discovered candy and chatted about "Star Wars" with Sam, misses his chosen father, Castiel (Misha Collins), and desperately wants to believe that Sam is right about him being good.

However, one of the biggest issues the powerful Nephilim is struggling with is the absence of his mother.

Jack and the Winchester brothers

The pain of missing a mother is certainly something Sam and Dean can relate to. Dean has been dealing with the brother's losses, including Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) getting trapped in the alternate universe with Lucifer, through noticeable grief and anger.

Sam, through his hope and optimism, has buried the pain deep down, focusing on helping Jack to control his powers in hopes of saving Mary. Sam believes she is still alive. He also wants to help Jack from accidentally hurting any more people when he loses control.

Sam is able to relate to Jack because Sam told him he knows what it's like to feel like an outsider and be afraid of yourself and what you can do.

Sam brings this point up to Dean as well, reminding him that even when Sam was drinking demon blood, Dean helped save him. Sam didn't follow his so-called destiny of becoming evil; he fought back to be good, and he wants the same for Jack.

For the first three episodes, fans witnessed the brother's balance of grief in the way they have responded to Jack: Sam was caring and encouraging towards Jack, while Dean looked at the Nephilim and only saw the son of Lucifer, blaming him for what happened to Mary and Castiel. In "Supernatural's" 13x03 episode, "Patience," Dean accuses Sam of only wanting to use Jack to try to save Mary, who Dean believes to be dead, and is frustrated Sam is still holding onto hope.

Jack, thanks to Alex's wonderful performances, is an engaging character that is fun (and often times heartbreaking) to watch on his own. More importantly, though, him living with Sam and Dean brings an interesting perspective to the brothers that furthers fan insight into the characters that Jared and Jensen can play off of. This includes the various responses to grief.

'Supernatural' episode 13x04: 'The Big Empty'

The fourth episode of the season finally allowed Jack and both brothers to have a bit of a breakthrough. In what is arguably the strongest episode so far this season, Sam, Dean, and Jack each had much-needed moments of clarity and catharsis, marking a subtle turning point in their relationships.

First, Sam and Jack had an honest and heartfelt conversation where Sam revealed that yes, part of the reason why he was trying to help Jack regain control of his powers was so maybe Jack would be able to re-open the rift to the apocalyptic world that Mary was pulled into before the door closed. Sam also reassured Jack that even if he's unable to open another rift into that alternate world, that it's okay because he genuinely does care about Jack, too.

Two important moments took place here: Sam and Jack further cementing their bond and understanding of one another, and Jack learning about Sam and Dean's mom being missing. Jack understands that pain; he even tells a standoffish Dean later on that he wants to help the brothers try to get her back.

As Alex revealed to Variety, Jack feels a connection to both of the Winchester brothers, and them hurting over their mom plays a big part in that.

Later in the episode, Jack witnesses Sam finally getting the opportunity to express his own grief of Mary being taken away. Sam's perspective reveals that he's not ready to let his mother go, or believe that she is dead because he never had the type of relationship with her that Dean had that Sam desperately wanted. After the brief moment where Sam's buried pain makes an emotional appearance, Dean is confronted by the therapist, Dr. Vallens, about his anger and how he is directing it at those around him.

These moments are significantly important for Sam and Dean and their relationship.

The time in family therapy ultimately leads to the brothers having a heart-to-heart at the end of the episode where Sam expresses his worry that his optimism might actually be denial. Dean apologizes for the way he has been lashing out and asks his little brother to keep the faith for both of them.

Any small moment of relief from their grief is good for the Winchesters. Sam was able to express himself and let a bit of buried pain out while confronting his biggest fear (that their mom could be dead), and Dean may have realized that his anger was threatening to swallow him up whole.

The Winchesters' family therapy was also key for Jack to witness in order for him to further understand what is motivating each brother.

By the end of the episode, Dean appears to be slowly coming around and giving Jack a chance, especially after Jack's powers make an epic comeback when Sam's life is in danger and Jack saves Sam from being shot by a sadistic shapeshifter.

Jack's own bittersweet moment in therapy came when he asked Dr. Vallens (Rukiya Bernard), the good shapeshifter trying to help people deal with their grief, to shift into his mom so he could have a moment with her. While it might not have been the real Kelly, Jack was able to embrace his "mother" for the first time and find a bit of relief himself. It was especially important when 'Kelly' called back on Sam's quote from "Supernatural" episode 4x04, telling Jack that it doesn't matter what you are, it only matters what you do.

She also reminds Jack that even monsters can do good in this world.

Courtney shared a sweet behind-the-scenes photo of the reunion with Alex after the episode aired.

Now that Jack has seemingly begun the healing process on not having his mother around, it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. Jack might hang onto his "fun optimism," as Alex told Variety, and likely continue to learn how to control his powers while also dealing with the multiple father figures in his life.

It's a fair bet that he'll face dark temptations as well since Asmodeus, the Prince of Hell, is still out there wanting Jack by his side ruling Hell and freeing the Shedim until Lucifer's return. Speaking of the devil, that little father-son reunion is only inevitable.

Jack has certainly been one of the best new characters introduced on the show, and I especially like how he has informed the main narrative in the Winchesters' story. Jack's journey directly affects Sam and Dean, and his presence is allowing the audience to see the brothers in a way we haven't really seen before: as parents. Specifically, as parents to a powerful Nephilim that will either do amazing things or is a walking, ticking time bomb.

As we wait to find out Jack's fate, we will continue to see him bring out "some interesting sides of both of the guys," Alex tells Bustle. The young actor enjoys the relationship Jack has with the Winchesters, saying that, "Getting to see Sam and Dean take on a father figure role is bizarre and will be so fun to watch.

[Jack] will be learning from both of them, how they see the world, how they handle situations. They're his main points of references for how to be a human and a hunter."

The new guy

Fans are not only falling in love with Jack but with the actor who plays him as well. Alex has engaged with the fans a few times on social media and has shared his excitement at being on "Supernatural," too.

Fans are eager for Alex to appear at a "Supernatural" convention, and apparently, Alex has also expressed some interest.

Jared and Jensen have nothing but love for Alex, recently telling fans how great he is and how much they have enjoyed pranking him on set.

The boys have said before that if they prank you, it means they really like you, so Alex is definitely in.

Alex, as with every other performer who makes their way onto the "Supernatural" set, loves the atmosphere and working with the guys. He doesn't mind the pranks or the boys messing with him, once he was reassured that it's okay how much he was laughing while filming.

Alex told Bustle that he has actually managed to get revenge on Jared a couple of times. In what he calls "the best part so far" of playing Jack, Alex was definitely proud of himself when he managed to get Jared to break after Jared threw a joke at him and Alex responded. When Jared started laughing, Alex tells Bustle: "Yes, I made it! I succeeded!" It sounds like he has had no problem fitting in, which isn't surprising knowing that Jared, Jensen, and the rest of the cast and crew are always fun, professional, kind, and welcoming.

Coming up...(spoilers)

In the next episode, Sam and Dean will be getting back to "brothers being brothers" and taking on a hunt while their charge, Jack, seemingly stays home at the bunker.

Meanwhile, at the end of "The Big Empty," Castiel was seemingly back in our realm after waking up in The Empty and supposedly being cast back out. The Empty was confirmed as the graveyard for angels and demons who have died. A new character was also introduced, an ancient entity that runs The Empty, who took Castiel's appearance in order to speak with the angel and demand why he was awake instead of sleeping peacefully like the other dead angels.

According to The TV Addict, Castiel will be "trying to find his way back to the Winchesters" and Jack in 13x05, "Advanced Thanatology." Some fans are eager to see the relationship between Jack and Castiel finally play out onscreen. What makes this tricky, though, is that we're not 100% sure yet whether or not the real Cas is the one who made his way back to earth.

If the one who came back is actually the ancient entity, who I'm referring to as Empty!Cas, how might he influence Jack, who will undoubtedly be eager to learn from his chosen father alongside his adopted father figures in Sam and Dean? Or, if it truly is the real Cas, would his return to earth really be that easy?

In the same episode, Billie the Reaper will be making a reappearance, The TV Addict reports. The character was last seen being killed by Castiel in order to save the Winchesters after they had made a deal with the reaper. Billie once promised the brothers that if they died they would end up in The Empty this time, instead of heaven or hell, as well as telling them that breaking a deal with her would have cosmic consequences. Was Castiel ending up in The Empty that consequence? Or will Billie have some more bad news for our guys?

The TV Addict also published the synopsis for 13x07, "War of the Worlds," which mentions that Jack has apparently gone missing (likely in 13x06, "Tombstone"). This raises a ton of questions, the most significant being, who took him? Or, did he run off? Jack seems determined to be good, but as we have seen with his last interaction with Asmodeus, the Nephilim is easy to manipulate as long as he is convinced that he is doing the right thing. If Sam, Dean, and Castiel (or Empty!Cas) get Jack back, what shape will he be in? Or will Asmodeus find him first?

"Supernatural" airs on Thursday nights on The CW.