Supernatural” has always been a show to have multiple aces up its sleeve. Although the main theme of this show is horror and fantasy, a good plot twist is always an effective strategy (not for the heart of the fans because it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle the Emotional Pain).

5. Ruby was an evil mastermind after all

Season 5 is without a doubt the darkest, saddest, and most thrilling season of them all; and partly so due to the presence of this clever dark demon. Although she was set to fall in love with Sam Winchester, which is clear from the development of several episodes, due to Jared Padalecki and Genevieve real-life romance, the writers decided to switch tracks mid-series.

In the last episode of season 4, which served as the catalyzer for season 5, she turned out to be the ultimate loyal follower of Lucifer, and the organizer of everything that led up to Lucifer’s release.

4. Jess is killed just like Mary

Although this plot twist occurred in the very first episode, it was the driving force that started the Winchesters’ journey. Sam, initially, was going to attend his law school interview at Stanford University, and let Dean find John on his own; however, vengeance was sparked in his eyes when Jess was pinned on the ceiling just like his mother. He went on the open road to fight monsters and demons, and fight the thing that killed both his mom and Jess.

3. Dean becomes a demon

Although he was a demon for only a storyline of 3 episodes that did not go into depths of his character, the cliffhanger at the end of season 9 definitely left the fans shaken up. The fans were definitely not expecting that ending and would have wanted for the character of demon Dean to last a little longer in the series.

The revealing of the pitch black eyes was a thrilling way to end the Angel season.

2. Amara is God’s sister

Although Amara was a character with a continuous storyline of only one season, she managed to become one of the most badass, and definitely the most powerful villains the Winchesters ever fought.

What was not expected, however, was for the writers to spice up her origin story and make her the sister of the almighty God (portrayed by the adorable Chuck).

God taking the form of Chuck was not much of a surprise to the fans because speculations had been going on since the final episode of season 5, but no one was expecting for him to have a sister (apparently she was co-existing with him since the dawn of times).

1. Gabriel is Alive

Although we already knew he was the ultimate trickster and pranks are his specialty, we were definitely not expecting this. Although many believe that the writers knew all along this would happen, let’s be honest: this achievement belongs only to the devoted fans of the archangel.

It was pretty clear that the archangel was considered dead by the writers (also given the fact that he was brutally murdered onscreen nine years ago), and that they had no intentions of bringing him back. However, it was the fandom’s consisting fan theories and persistence that somehow Gabriel was still alive, that ultimately brought back our favorite trickster.