“The Walking Dead” actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be known these days as the spiked bat-wielding fiend Negan, but to avid “Supernatural” fans, he will remain as John Winchester.

Pivotal role in the Winchester brothers’ lives

John Winchester served a pivotal role in the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester. The Winchester patriarch is a huge inspiration to the brothers’ hunting career. If we remember, Sam and Dean talked about how they learned everything they knew about hunting through their father. Even though their father only lived until the final episode of “Supernatural” season 2, his influence reverberated throughout the whole series.

When asked on Walker Stalker Cruise about his comeback, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said, “If the show ever ends and they’re on like season 400, I said I would love to go back and have some resolution with that character.”

He also added, “I mean, when Kirkman kills Negan, I’ll go back to Supernatural.”

Morgan also told the fans that while he immensely enjoyed playing Sam and Dean’s father during his stint on the show, he doesn’t think there’s any chance that he’s coming back.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a recurring guest at “Supernatural” gatherings and conventions. Last year, he opened up about the significance of John Winchester’s return to the show, which is about bringing closure to both Sam and Dean.

The actor also added that Sam and Dean need to have a closure to their father.

He also stressed that the showrunners of "Supernatural" have a good way of bringing characters back on the show, as proven by Mary Winchester who came back to life at the end of season 11. Bringing John Winchester back will bring closure to whatever bad feelings the brothers still have for their father.

John Winchester was practically missing when the whole story of the show began.

He was searching for clues about the yellow-eyed demon that killed his wife, Mary. However, as they about to finish the job, they were caught in an accident which put Dean’s life in danger. In order to spare his son, John made a deal with the demon in exchange for his own soul. His spirit later escaped hell and helped Dean eliminate the yellow-eyed demon.

When is he coming back?

The thing about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s comments about his possible return on the show is that it has no definite timeline. The actor is committed to his “The Walking Dead” contract. He may be able to crossover to “Supernatural,” but he cannot play John Winchester with his current obligation.

Showing every Thursday 8/7c, “Supernatural” is currently on its 13th season on CW.