The Biden administration has decided on Travel restrictions because of the emergence of a new Coronavirus variant, identified as the delta variant. This has increased the number of cases of infection as well as deaths in the United States. Hence, the administration feels there is a need to review the travel restrictions. These are applicable for the entry of people from certain countries into the United States. The category includes:

  • The European Schengen area.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Others where the ban will continue to remain in place.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Americans to put on hold travel to the U.K..

A spike prompts this decision in coronavirus cases.

USA Today says America had imposed travel restrictions in March last year when the serious nature of the virus came to the surface. It intended to arrest the spread of the highly contagious infection that could spread through mere touch. That led to a new lifestyle where people began to avoid physical contact with strangers. When President Joe Biden took over in January, he reinstated COVID-19 travel restrictions on non-Americans who visited other countries.

The Biden administration under pressure to lift travel restrictions

Coronavirus has ruined the travel sector. In May, news in the media that the virus had paralyzed the travel scenario, and airlines were keen to resume transatlantic flights.

The economy of many countries depends on tourism, and restrictions on the movement of people are hurting them. Tourism and associated sectors are gasping for breath. The European Union already indicated that the United States might gain entry into the list of countries for which travel restrictions could end. USA Today mentions German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had talks with Biden on the subject of lifting travel restrictions.

Many airlines also want the government to lift travel bans. However, America wants to play safe. It extended land border restrictions on unnecessary travel. This is despite Canada indicating its willingness to reopen its borders to vaccinated American travelers. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that the authorities know about the issue.

Their focus is on how best to reopen international travel into the U.S. She added that necessary changes would depend on public health and medical advice.

Existing travel restrictions will remain

According to Reuters, a White House official has informed a section of the media that the United States does not plan to lift any existing travel restrictions "at this point." This is because of concerns over the delta variant of coronavirus and incidents of an increase in cases. The decision would mean the situation would not change soon. Obviously, it will be a disappointment for airlines and the tourism industry in America. Airlines have been pursuing the issue of ending the restrictions.

The travel restrictions first imposed on China

China was the first country to come under travel restrictions. That was in January 2020, and it was meant to address the spread of coronavirus. Subsequently, there was the inclusion of other countries. As things stand today, more than 80 percent of new cases in the country are of the delta variant. This was first found in India, and it has covered more than 90 countries. Therefore, it is a matter of concern. An official of the White House admitted that the administration realizes the importance of international travel and wants to reopen it to ensure safety and sustainability.