It is a fact that Russia invaded Ukraine. It is also a fact that both sides have suffered losses in the form of men and machines. These are inevitable when each side tries to force the other side into submission. The global community has condemned the conflict in Ukraine and the aggressor's actions.

French President Macron had discussed with Russian President Putin and US President Biden and suggested a meeting to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. Unfortunately, that has not happened, and Russia sent its troops into Ukraine. The attacks came from the land, sea, and air, and normal lives were in disarray.

The people of Ukraine used every available means of Travel to flee into neighboring countries.

CNN says the unprovoked assault on Ukraine is now on its fourth day. Both sides have finally agreed to meet on the Ukraine-Belarus border. This was after President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave assurances. The announcement came even as forces on both sides were fighting in different locations.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, had initially said he was not in favor of holding the talks in Belarus. This was because Russia was using Belarus as a launching pad for military actions. Later, he said - "I will say frankly, as always: I do not really believe in the result of this meeting, but let them try."

Losses in the Russia-Ukraine war

Ukraine mentioned shooting down a cruise missile launched at Kyiv.

It came from Belarus, an ally of Russia. This country played an important role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The Russian President put his deterrence forces on the highest alert. This force handles nuclear arms.

Putin describes the Western sanctions on his country as unlawful. Despite being better equipped, Russia was unable to seize control of key cities.

This was because of the resistance of ordinary Ukrainians and reservists. The people of Ukraine had conducted mock drills in Chernobyl to hone their skills and prepare for a Russian attack. CNN adds that President Aleksander Lukashenko had agreed to ensure that all airborne weapons in Belarus would remain on the ground during the travel of the Ukrainian delegation to the meeting and back.

Russia is better equipped than Ukraine

As the fighting continues, there is an exodus of people from Ukraine, and dozens of civilians have lost their lives. However, Russia cannot take control of critical cities even though it is better equipped. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine is Dmytro Kuleba.

CNN quotes him saying the move of putting Russian deterrent forces on alert was a "direct threat to us." He also said officials of Ukraine would "listen to what Russia has to say" and would not succumb to pressure. The United Nations has reported at least 240 civilian casualties. Ukrainian intelligence reports that there are people close to Putin who do not support the invasion of Ukraine.

The slowdown of the Russian invasion attributed to resistance by Ukraine

According to ABC News, delegates of Russia and Ukraine agreed to meet at the Pripyat River on the border, north of Chernobyl. The purpose would be to end Moscow's invasion. Chernobyl is at present under the control of the Russian military. The diplomatic effort gained prominence when Russian troops failed to press their attack in Ukraine. This was because of a fightback from Ukrainian forces.

Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine. Here, the defenders beat back Russian units during street fighting. There is a visible slowdown in the momentum of Russian forces due to factors like shortage of fuel and logistics. These are in addition to resistance by Ukraine. At a press conference, Dmytro Kuleba said – "We will not surrender, we will not capitulate, we will not give up a single inch of our territory."