There is no letup in the gathering of illegal migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border. They Travel from faraway places, and their destination is the United States. Recently, a large group tried to use a body of water. They intended to swim around the barrier at Border Field State Park in San Diego.

U.S. Border Patrol agents saved some of them, but one woman died. The authorities tried their level best, but it was not possible to save her. These illegal migrants try out different methods to gain entry into America. They have many reasons to migrate like poverty, violence, unemployment, lack of education, etcetera.

In their opinion, once they are in America, they can expect to lead better lives.

USA Today says it was a big crowd, and the Coast Guard succeeded in rescuing a few of them from the water. Other agencies also searched the area and took some more Mexican nationals into custody. It was a combination of men and women. In March, soon after taking overcharge, the Biden administration sent a clear message to migrants.

Reckless migrants invite death at the border

In recent times, the death of migrants at the US-Mexico border has revealed an upward trend. The numbers nearly doubled in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 compared to last year's figure. Migrants attempt to use the water route of the Border Field State Park.

This is a few miles south of San Diego. USA Today points out the dangers involved when they use such unsafe methods. There is a wildlife habitat that includes sand dunes and salt marshes. The conditions are not suitable for swimming or wading. Even then, they make attempts. An official of the Border Patrol's San Diego Sector says – "This is yet another example of the ruthless tactics smuggling organizations use to bolster their power and profits." The issue of migrants is international, and it is there in Europe also.

In September, nearly 1000 migrants crossed the English Channel in a day.

The spot used by the migrants is risky

Earlier, a woman from Honduras drowned in the same waters. Her attempt failed while her companion survived. The height of the wall in this area is formidable. It extends into the Pacific Ocean and is between the park and a Tijuana beach.

Floodlights will cover the area, and agents equipped with various gadgets will detect illegal entrants. USA Today adds that the authorities allow visitors to come to the park, but they must follow the restrictions. Known as the Friendship Park, it is a meeting place for families and loved ones from either side of the border.

Death of migrants at the border

According to CNN, migrants desperate to cross over into the U.S. resort to routes that endanger their lives. The latest is of a woman probably belonging to a large group that tried to cross a body of water. It was a group of about 70 people. They wanted to swim around the barrier between Tijuana, Mexico, and the beach at Border Field State Park in San Diego.

Efforts to revive her failed. Statistics reveal a rise in the number of deaths. Some of these are results of exposure to heat. They have to face dangerous terrain and can get lost as they try to make their way to the United States. It is a fact that more people are crossing the border illegally, and law enforcement agencies' work has increased severalfold.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump did not want illegal migrants in the country. He felt they were threats to the people because they had links to criminal groups like drug smugglers. To prevent their entry, he wanted to build an impregnable wall. Prototypes of new designs came up, and work began. Once Joe Biden took over, he shelved the project. Caravan with thousands of migrants are trekking towards the