The reopening of Sydney cafes, gyms, and restaurants for the fully vaccinated against Coronavirus is a positive sign. This is the largest city in Australia, and the news came as a shot in the arm for all those associated with businesses. The country was under nearly four months of lockdown, and business was struggling to survive. It was tough going since they had to abide by the laid down protocol meant for handling COVID-19. The virus is highly infectious, and doctors advise people to avoid crowded places. The ax fell on cinema houses, sports venues, and the Travel and the entertainment sectors.

There emerged a new culture known as work from home. The purpose of restrictions was to ensure overall safety, and businesses had to take a back seat.

Reuters says delighted friends and families celebrated the occasion as midnight struck. In the words of New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet: "I see it as a day of freedom." He was interacting with the media in Sydney. He cautioned that the rise in infections after reopening could not be ruled out.

Australia took timely action to shut its international borders

The coronavirus numbers are relatively low in Australia. This resulted from timely action taken by the authorities to shut its international borders in March 2020. It helped to prevent the entry of infected persons.

It was in March last year when the world realized the seriousness of the virus. Australia took immediate action. The reopening of Sydney is a bold step, and other virus-free states like Western Australia and Queensland are maintaining a watch on the after-effects. Reuters goes on to add that the vaccination rate in people above 16 varies from state to state.

There is strong support for the decision to end lockdown by Perrottet. The support comes from the residents who had to endure severe restrictions because of the highly infectious Delta variant outbreak. It spread to Melbourne and Canberra, forcing lockdowns. Recent news in the media mentioned Australia hopes to reopen its international borders by Christmas.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sydney reopening

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Under the reopening plan, retail stores and restaurants can open with reduced capacity. Vaccinated people can assemble to attend social events like weddings and funerals. The state plans to achieve a vaccine rate of around 80 percent by the end of October. Once that happens, there would be more relaxation. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Sydney residents to "enjoy the moment." He has been under pressure to reopen the borders to bolster the economy. That would also be a boon to families, separated by state border closures, to reunite by Christmas. The plans of Australia include a staggered return to normal.

Measured steps of Australia to reopen

Sydney has allowed fully vaccinated people to enjoy cafés and bars. It is the first step to reopening after more than 100 days in lockdown. Other businesses like hairdressers and gyms can reopen. Many people aged 16 and over received at least one dose of the vaccine, while many are double jabbed. Some businesses in Sydney opened at midnight due to public demand. They were impatient to enjoy their freedom. There are fears in certain quarters that the infection rate could rise once residents return to work and become more mobile. Perrottet says the rate of infection and the number of patients admitted to hospitals were lower than predicted. He feels that is a positive.