Coronavirus and associated Travel restrictions have taken a heavy toll on tourism. Tourists visiting Australia will miss the Melbourne Star observation wheel. This iconic attraction will grind to a halt, and it would be permanent. It is a product of MB Star Properties Pty Ltd. A statement on the subject says: “The giant observation wheel has been a part of the city’s skyline for more than 15 years, during which time we have welcomed millions of guests from Australia and all over the world.” Its stoppage would translate into a loss of revenue for not only the company but also for the tourism industry.

Coronavirus originated in China, and it has not spared any country. The death toll runs into hundreds of thousands, and it devastated the economy of countries that depend on tourists and tourism.

The Melbourne Star observation wheel stands tall at around 394 feet (120m) in Docklands. It faced closures earlier because of other reasons.

The global pandemic affects the arrival of tourists

A change of scenery is necessary to remove boredom. Tourists want to see new places, enjoy the culture of other countries, taste new cuisines, and relax. Therefore, they flock to destinations around the world. That opens up business opportunities for some sectors. Some travel on business, others for pleasure. However, coronavirus has forced people to avoid travel to the extent possible.

As a result, airlines have their planes on the ground, and cruise ships drop anchors in ports and deserted roads. News AU mentions the global pandemic accompanied by travel restrictions and shutdowns. These, along with various other challenges, pose problems to sustain the business. In January 2009, there was the closure of the Melbourne Star observation wheel.

It happened soon after opening because of a few structural issues and reopened in December 2015.

Victoria could expand its travel radius to encourage tourists

Victoria is worried about its cases of coronavirus. Many recent cases appear to be shrouded in mystery, and these require investigation. The state is under lockdown restrictions.

Premier Dan Andrews promised to ease of rules with certain conditions. He says that once Victoria reaches 70 percent first dose coverage, there could be a minor easing of rule. It would mean expanding the travel radius marginally. That could be a positive for tourists. The lockdown in Victoria has affected areas like Docklands. Johanna Maxwell is president of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce. She says: “Docklands won’t ever be the same. I know it’s a big claim, but lockdowns have changed this precinct more than anywhere else in Australia.”

Tourists will miss the Melbourne Star observation wheel

The iconic Melbourne Star observation wheel will no longer spin. Its owner MB Star Properties Pty Ltd revealed it was going into liquidation.

Its general manager described it as a “very sad day.” The decision was a fallout of several factors. These included the ongoing pandemic coupled with travel restrictions and lockdowns. It became difficult to sustain the business. Apart from these, there were local issues related to the Docklands area. Incidentally, this is one of the largest observation wheels in the world. Australia has several other attractions for tourists, but this wheel would no longer be seen in Melbourne.