It is now the turn of Mexico to fall victim to a Hurricane. The climatic disaster drenched coastal and inland areas, and it was a second landfall within two days. Authorities mentioned at least eight deaths. The Hurricane lost power as it passed over the Yucatan Peninsula, the main tourist strip of Mexico. However, it regained power and reached the coast a second time.

ABC News says there were incidents of mudslides and flooding. These are normal in such situations and lead to difficulties in Travel. Many localities remain isolated, and the infrastructure suffers damages.

Uprooted electric poles disturb the supply of electricity and people face the consequences. Cuitláhuac García is the governor of Mexico’s Veracruz state. He said the loss of power affected more than 330,000 people, and the departments have started restoration work. Electricity is indispensable in today's world, and its absence gives rise to a sense of helplessness at all levels. In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and blackout days returned in April 2018. At these times, Renewable Energy can tide over the crisis. When Hurricane Maria struck, Elon Musk sent solar equipment to generate electricity to run emergency services like hospitals.

The Hurricane hit near a resort town in Yucatan known for its Mayan ruins

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Grace became a tropical storm on Saturday with wind speeds of 45 mph. Its center was about 35 miles from Mexico City. It seems Grace weakened as it passed over a mountain range and brought heavy rains to the Mexico City region.

ABC News adds that Grace gave rise to climatic disorders like strong winds, high waves, and rain before approaching the shore. These were in the Veracruz communities, including the city itself, apart from other coastal towns. Fishermen pulled their boats to safety as a preventive measure while merchants boarded up the windows to protect them.

In October last year, Hurricane Zeta struck the Gulf Coast and battered Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Orleans.

Lives lost due to Hurricane Grace.

According to Sky News, the loss of eight lives has been reported after Hurricane Grace hit Mexico apart from three people missing. Then disaster struck for the second time in two days. It swept across Mexico's Gulf coast and led to an overflow of rivers accompanied by mudslides and floods in small towns. The authorities resorted to evacuations due to flooding and mudslides. Hurricane Grace had earlier hit Haiti soon after an earthquake in the country that killed hundreds. Incidentally, Hurricane Delta was the tenth storm that hit the United States in 2020.

These are natural disasters, but their frequency is increasing, which is a matter of concern.

Floods can happen even if there is no Hurricane

In Tennessee, there was no hurricane, but heavy rainfall brought in floods. It prompted the authorities to arrange for water rescues as the people faced the closure of roads and disruption in communication services. There were reports of people missing. Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee cautioned the residents to maintain caution about rising floodwaters because of heavy rainfall and possible blockage of roads by debris like uprooted trees or mud. The advice of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency TEMA was to avoid travel in the affected counties. Floods are becoming a global issue.

It is necessary to examine the reasons and evolve a strategy. Last month, parts of Europe faced floods and torrential downpours. In China, there was a heavy loss of lives from floods. It involved commuters who were trapped in the subway.