California is trying to come to terms with wildfires that have taken a heavy toll of hundreds and thousands of acres. These have forced people to evacuate to safety. Their numbers are also high, and the green cover is losing out. The environment is in bad shape, and flora and fauna are making way for scorched landscapes. Travel becomes difficult with fires raging all around and the air filled with smoke. The quality of air deteriorates with associated issues related to health. These major fires are the Caldor fire, Dixie Fire, Walker Fire and the French Fire.

Because of the criticality, Gov. Gavin Newsom might request a major disaster declaration from President Biden.

CNN says the Caldor fire is the top firefighting priority in the nation. That is the opinion of Thom Porter, who looks after Cal Fire. The containment of this fire is hardly five per cent. There are fears that it could spread into the populated Lake Tahoe Basin and create problems. The authorities have cautioned the people that evacuation might be inevitable. Wildfires in the Western United States have increased, with many of them active right now.

Nine national forests in California closed due to wildfires

The US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region went in to close forest service up to at least September 6.

This was because of extreme fire conditions that resulted in putting a strain on the firefighting resources. Regional forester Jennifer Eberlein assured - "These temporary closures are necessary to ensure public and firefighter safety.” The forest service cautioned that those who violate the order could face action in the form of fines or even jail sentences.

CNN adds that the emergency closures are against the backdrop of more than 90 large active fires and complexes. These have burned more than 2.5 million acres across 13 states. The figures are official, according to National Interagency Fire Center NIFC. Heatwaves continue to scorch the West Coast, and there appears to be no respite from wildfires.

Wildfires can keep burning for more than a month

The Dixie Fire has been burning for more than a month. It is the second-largest wildfire in the history of California. Firefighters have been able to contain it partially. Two other large fires are still spreading. Each of these needs resources, and these are to be deployed keeping in mind specific needs. Examples of such resources are firefighters, aircraft, and suitable equipment. Moreover, there is the safety aspect of personnel. CNN mentions the presidential declaration. It would be a great help regarding assistance with housing, unemployment, counselling, and medical and legal services. There could also be provisions for repairs and replacement of infrastructures.

The Creek Fire was one of the wildfires in California and investigations failed to establish the reasons.

Dozens of wildfires in California forced thousands of people to flee

According to ABC News, the Caldor Fire southwest of Lake Tahoe is a matter of concern. It straddles the California-Nevada state line and is surrounded by peaks of the Sierra Nevada and resort communities. This wildfire devastated more than 166 square miles of El Dorado National Forest and destroyed 447 buildings with threats to thousands of structures. In Nevada, smoke from the fires affected school students. In the opinion of scientists, climate change is a factor that made the West warmer and drier in the past three decades.

They predict that the weather would become more extreme and wildfires more destructive. The world has to rise as one and shift attention from fossil fuels to Renewable Energy to reverse the trend. Some countries have taken the initiative and are concentrating on promoting electric cars.