Coronavirus has devastated the Travel and related sectors ever since it surfaced. Countries worldwide imposed restrictions to avoid the spread of the virus that has killed hundreds and thousands of people. Australia also introduced restrictions like others, and now it plans to reopen its international borders. Businesses are hard hit because of the contagious nature of the disease. The advice to the people is to avoid direct contact with strangers, maintain distance from others and stay away from crowded places. Those who are in the travel business want some relief after months of inaction.

Dan Tehan is the Tourism Minister, and he has set a tentative target date for Christmas. He indicated the government was formulating plans to do away with hotel quarantine. That way, people would face fewer problems.

The minister outlined the broad plan. It would all depend on the status of vaccination because the vaccine guarantees protection against the virus. The passport of Australians will show proof of vaccination through a QR Code linked to their passport. He explained that preparatory work is on so that international borders can reopen by Christmas.

Travel bubbles between Australia and other countries possible

Tourism Minister Dan Tehan mentioned travel bubbles with other countries. He confirmed talks are in progress to set up something similar to the agreement in place with New Zealand.

In the present situation, it is necessary to open up business opportunities while taking precautions. Travel is an integral part of our lives, and its purpose could be just to let the hair down or attend to official work. However, coronavirus has compelled airlines, cruise operators, and others associated with travel to shut down the tourism minister of Australia stressed vaccination.

Australians can travel overseas again with a certain condition under the national reopening plan. It pertains to full vaccination of 80 per cent of people above the age of 16. He added that the states and territories were working on various programs to reopen the country by the year-end.

Australia has approved a range of vaccines

The government of Australia says those who have received one of the approved vaccines can quarantine at home for a shorter period. On the subject of outbound travel, there is no confirmation on overseas trips. The government is pursuing the subject with international embassies about Australia's vaccine passport. Their acceptance would provide a boost to reopening. This is vital to bring normalcy back into the lives of the people. The pandemic has ruined businesses, and many of them are facing survival problems. The government of Australia intends to make a beginning by issuing vaccination passports with QR codes for international travel. It would help border officials overseas to ascertain the vaccination status of an individual.

International flights from Australia are possible in October

Qantas is the national carrier of Australia, and it could resume international flights in October. The country could allow borders to reopen by Christmas. That is what Tourism Minister Dan Tehan revealed in the course of a talk organized by the National Press Club of Australia. In view of the importance of the vaccine in the fight against coronavirus, the tourism board of Australia created a special domestic advertisement urging people to get jabbed. It will be mandatory for international visitors to Australia to confirm full vaccination before they enter the country.