Someone is set to be back in Dance Moms” Season 8. It is now confirmed that Chloe Lukasiak will return in the dance competition series to continue her journey after being away for four chapters.

To recap, the now-16-year-old star suddenly left the reality television series in its fourth season “out of nowhere.” It has been said that the TV personality is going to say a proper goodbye this time after showcasing her dance expertise.

The fall out of connection

“I really didn’t even think I was leaving,” chloe lukasiak told People. She first thought to return in the show’s fifth season after she left in the fourth chapter.

Life and Style Mag reported that she left after Abby Lee Miller poked fun of her eye. It has been known that she had a hard time when she was diagnosed with silent sinus syndrome. This was her medical condition where the one side of her face became uneven to the other. As the ALDC coach called her situation a “lazy eye,” she and her mother left the show, right there and then.

She just never came back. As she felt like she had an unfinished business with the dance contest, she wanted to have a proper closure. Thus, she would return in “Dance Moms” Season 8. Aside from finality, her comeback will also serve as a reunion as she admitted that she has kept herself away from the other aspirants. This even includes Maddie Ziegler.

Chloe Lukasiak explained that it was difficult to meet the girls because of their busy schedules. “We really didn’t see each other a lot,” she said. So, they all lost their communication since her departure, and as Ziegler also left the reality series, they fell out of touch.

Ziegler and Lukasiak’s friendship

Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler were often set against each other while they were still “Dance Moms” contenders.

However, “A Cowgirl’s Story” star confessed to People that the “rivalry was never an issue.” In fact, they have been good friends while they were still in the show. “I was always the one to say it’s just dance, it’s just competition,” she revealed.

As a matter of fact, until now, she has nothing to say about Sia’s dancer but all good things.

She is also hoping that they will be reunited soon. Fortunately, they had the chance to see each other at Nia Frazer’s birthday party and “caught up.” “We exchanged numbers,” she admitted. She even wants to meet her when she visits L.A.

Chloe Lukasiak admitted that she misses Maddie Ziegler. She is also proud of everything she has attained, and she’s very happy for her.