It has been almost three months since Abby Lee Miller was locked up in the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California. During her stay, it seems that the 51-year-old star has been in a lot of serious trouble.

After she celebrated her birthday inside the Prison for the first time, theDance Moms former host was allegedly inspected for contraband. Did she try to hide an illegal stuff inside the penitentiary?

Miller’s embarrassment and punishments inside the prison

“Abby’s locker and bunk area got shook down last week,” a prison insider told RadarOnline.

Allegedly, the police were looking for contraband and Abby Lee Miller was one of the suspects. And they have found out that she was indeed the culprit. The law enforcement officers discovered that she had hidden some fruit from the dining hall. That act was considered a serious violation.

She was then instructed to wait outside the counselor’s office for two hours. The officer was said to be documenting the violation she had made and the punishment she was about to receive. According to the report, the consequences she had to take should be hard, but she easily got away with it.

"All they did was give her extra duty to rake rocks outside for one day,” the source continued to say. However, the reprimand she just experienced was nothing compared to the embarrassment she went through before the inspection happened.

When Miller had a visitor, her hairstylist from L.A., she was strip-searched when her guest left. Although it was part of the detention center’s protocol, she told her fellow inmates that she was surprised that the police actually did it to her. But at least, she didn’t cry this time.

Miller’s first birthday celebration inside the prison

Abby Lee Miller celebrated her 51st birthday inside the prison on September 21. This celebration might the one she will never forget.

This may be the first time that the dance instructress didn’t celebrate her natal day with a lavish birthday party. In fact, she just had an ordinary day inside the prison.

According to E! News, visiting appointments had been suspended at the facility, so, she didn’t have the chance to accept any special guests. Her meal didn’t even include cakes and pastries, but just the usual prison meals.

For breakfast, they were served with fruit, skim milk, bread, and jelly. For lunch, they had a drink, a choice of either a dessert or a fruit, carrots, whole wheat bread, macaroni and cheese, and an option to choose between chicken or PB&J. For dinner, they had mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, whole wheat bread, a choice of roast beef or barbecue tofu, and a beverage. Unfortunately, she had no candle to blow out.