After being sentenced to one year and one day, the founder of Abby Lee Dance Company has been released from prison. Abby Lee Miller is best known as the heavy set, aggressive choreographer from the hit reality show "Dance Moms," which lasted seven seasons. Back in 2016, she plead guilty to felony bankruptcy fraud and began her sentence in May of 2017. Prior to Miller going to prison, there were three spin-off shows which may have been in production.

Legal issues

It appears that Abby Lee Miller had a $400,000 tax responsibility hanging over her head and decided to file for bankruptcy in December of 2010.

Not long after filing, countless legal issues followed Miller. She was sued for assault by one of the moms on her reality TV show. At times the atmosphere on the show was very intense between the other moms and Miller, so there is no surprise that it followed the ladies off camera. She cared a great deal for the girls she trained on the show, but rarely got along with parents. It was like every episode involved some type of yelling and tension, which surely kept the viewer ratings high.

Hiding money

Though Miller was a master at her craft, maintaining her money seemed challenging. In an attempt to hide income, she created secret bank accounts to deposit money that came from numerous sources like her masterclasses, TV deals and merchandise sales.

It was reported that she hid about $755,000. She ended up taking a deal with the IRS where she didn't receive as much prison time as she could have. Miller spent eight months and one day of her year at Victoriaville Federal Correctional Institution in California, a medium security facility. She will now finish her sentence in a halfway house also located in California.

In interviews, Miller has mentioned how she was always so busy tending to the girls on the show, that she often times ignored her own health and well-being. She felt like she could use her prison sentence to her advantage and put more focus into her physical and mental health. Prior to going to prison, Miller had a Gastrectomy procedure that reduced the size of her stomach about 80 percent according to ET news.

Recently Miller posted a picture on Instagram showing that she has lost over 100 pounds and feels great. She looks like a totally different person and recently made a comment apologizing for her many mistakes. It appears the reality star is ready to make a return back to TV as soon as she can, and hopefully with some better money management skills.