Dance Moms” Season 8 continues and fans are still going to see Abby Lee Miller, who has been in a recent scuffle inside the prison, as its host. Lifetime will reveal the last few episodes where the 50-year-old dance instructress is still its coach before Cheryl Burke takes over.

However, even though Reign Dance Productions’ owner already exited the reality television series, it looks like her presence will still be felt. In fact, in an interview with People, Christi Lukasiak revealed that some things will stay the same in the dance competition series.

Christi stands up for Miller

“What’s always the source of the drama? It’s Abby,” Christi, 40, told PEOPLE. “She’s a strong personality and it’s difficult to stand up to her.”

Chloe Lukasiak’s mother is one of the first moms who remain loyal to the famous choreographer. In fact, she is now praising the other mommies who are coming out to stand up for Miller in the coming “Dance Moms” Season 8. She even calls herself “other moms’ biggest cheerleader.”

Christi even thinks that some mothers question what is she doing and why she is still putting up with Abby Lee Miller. As a matter of fact, some say that she is doing it for the “wrong reasons.” She then proudly said, “I’m really proud to say I’ve watched women I’ve known for a long time stand up and say, ‘You know what?

We’re not doing this anymore."

Miller has been in a scuffle

Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to be imprisoned for a year and a day. After her release, she will be supervised for two years.

She was also fined $40,000 and has to pay the $120,000 judgment. She also needs to give a DNA sample in connection with her felony charge.

She is now serving her sentence at Federal Correctional Institute, and it looks like she is not doing well with other prisoners.

In an exclusive report by Radar Online, it revealed that the former “Dance Moms” host allegedly hired a personal bodyguard to protect her after being involved in a nasty fight. According to the publication’s source, she is paying a woman, who is feared by other prisoners, to follow her and keep her safe from other inmates.

The insider also added that Abby Lee Miller is still acting like a diva inside FCI. In fact, she is still watching herself on television whenever reports about her imprisonment are airing. She is also often crying inside her shared cell. These things she has been doing make some women in the correctional irritated.

“The woman Abby got into the argument with was just tired of seeing and hearing her cry in the multi-room,” the insider revealed. Although no one got seriously punished, it caused a big stir to the point that some counselors came to intervene.