A former member of the TV series "Dance Moms," Chloe Lukasiak has recently opened up about what it was like being on the show and dealing with the tough atmosphere from coach Abby Lee Miller. While some of the other girls have come forward with negative opinions of their time on the show, Chloe appears to have had a very positive experience on the TV series.

The star stated that the show gave her thick skin

According to Teen Vogue, dancer Chloe Lukasiak has opened up about her time spent training on the TV series "Dance Moms" under then coach Abby Lee Miller.

While other dance stars Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie have lost contact with Abby Lee Miller and blamed her for their legal problems, Chloe has a very different opinion of their former dance coach.

She stated that she is a huge believer that everything happens for a reason and is grateful for the training that Miller provided her and the other girls with. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lukasiak claims that she was meant to have both good and bad experiences throughout her career as a dancer and that her time on the show helped her to grow a thick skin.

However, in a report by E! News, Chloe's mother stated that her daughter’s time spent on the show "Dance Moms" was highly damaging for her child.

She claims that the experience was incredibly traumatizing for all of the dancers there and has recently stated that Abby Lee Miller always was and still is a source of drama.

chloe lukasiak has stated that she has managed to pick up her communication with the other dancers from the show and has stated that she is in a very happy place.

The star talked candidly about the changes that are occurring on 'Dance Moms'

According to the International Business Times, Chloe Lukasick will be starring on two episodes of "Dance Moms" in the upcoming season. She has revealed that the show is completely different to what viewers are used to and is shocked by how much the show has changed since Abby has left.

In an interview with Entertainment Online, Chloe explained that the tone of the show is now much lighter and more focused on dance. She stated that the show should always have been this way, but there was a struggle to get it there. Much of this struggle came from the show's former coach Abby Lee Miller as former dance member Maddie Ziegler has claimed.

Chloe has stated that fans are in for a shock when they tune in to the new season of "Dance Moms" but that the changes were needed for the show to continue.