The public is confused after seeing tweets coming from the Twitter account of Abby Lee Miller. She is currently serving one year and one day in a federal prison for bankruptcy fraud. Many people were shocked, and don't understand how it was possible for tweets to come from Miller's account earlier this week.

While she is behind bars at the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California, she seems to be tweeting about the premiere of Lifetime's "Dance Moms." She quit the show, but she had already filmed some episodes and the premiere of her final season aired on Tuesday, August 1.

The 50-year-old former star of the reality show appeared to have tweeted on Wednesday, August 2, as if she were in the comfort of her own home. She did not send just one tweet. It was a whole bunch of them. She asked Twitter users if they watched the dance show and what they thought about it. She tweeted, retweeted, liked some tweets and even retweeted a video of her former's dancers' performances.

Internet use in prison

No one has given any answers about Miller tweeting from jail. It is very unlikely that she did the tweeting herself even though the tweets came from her official verified account. You can tell because it has the blue check mark on it.

One possibility is that someone else was tweeting on her behalf so she can see the tweets when she is released from prison a year from now.

Some of the people who responded to the tweets did so as if they were talking to Miller herself and asked how she was allowed to tweet from prison. Others criticized her and some wished her well.

Tweeters users asked another obvious question. They wanted to know why she was promoting a show she quit because she said she had been mistreated.

People know that inmates can watch television in prison as a group. They can use the telephone with restrictions. They can also use the internet much the same way as they can use the telephone. However, there is limited use of the internet for educational purposes and even then, it is done under supervision. No one has officially said Miller did or did not send the tweets.

Jail sentence

Miller said she was afraid to go to prison, and she has been there since July 12. It has not been long enough for her to have earned special privileges. In fact, she is still going through her orientation. Reportedly, she has had crying spells because she is having a hard time adjusting to life behind bars after having been in the spotlight for so long.