chloe lukasiak has made her triumphant return to Lifetime's "Dance Moms," which made some fans incredibly excited and some nervous for the drama brewing ahead. While Chloe and her mother Christi definitely brought the drama with them to the show -- especially when confronting Kendall Vertes' mother, Jill -- the pair also brought along with them fan-favorite Clara Lukasiak. Clara is several years Chloe's junior and has always been famous for her spit-fire attitude and her one-liners, which had "Dance Moms" fans laughing out loud. The young girl was in the background for much of her sister's time on the show, and while it doesn't appear that she is going to join the team as a Mini, she sat down for an interview about what it's like to be Clara Lukasiak.

Clara shares ten facts about herself

The young starlet, who is now bursting out of the shadows and becoming more than just "Chloe's little sister," recently sat down with a reporter at Just Jared, Jr. to talk about life in the fast line as a "Dance Moms" sibling. While several of the girls who appear on the show do have siblings, they rarely appear on the show as it is exclusively focused on the mother-daughter dynamic. While some have made candid appearances, Clara is an exception -- she has made several appearances on the show.

During her interview, Clara revealed a few little-known facts about herself. She revealed that she was named after the main character in "The Nutcracker," (which might have been influenced by Chloe's dancing), she has a pink blanket named Plinky that Chloe gave her when she was born, and she lives in a town called Mars that has a spaceship and an alien in the town center.

Though she does like ballet, she revealed that she takes ice skating lessons and that two of her favorite things are school and reading.

Will Clara join Chloe in her show business career?

During her hiatus from "Dance Moms," Chloe focused on a variety of other endeavors including developing her YouTube channel and starring in several films.

She also made a guest appearance on a television show playing herself. Clara has thus far not made any appearances aside from "Dance Moms," but the young star does have her own YouTube channel that boasts over 200,000 subscribers, which isn't bad for someone under the age of 10. Her channel describes her as the "littlest member of the Lukasiak family with the biggest personality," and no one that has seen her in "Dance Moms" can dispute that.