chloe lukasiak may have not had the best experience with former dance coach Abby Lee Miller when she competed on her ALDC dance team on the hit Lifetime series "Dance Moms," but she does say that she got some positive things out of the experience. The young dancer left the show abruptly four years ago after Abby made fun of her eye, as one is smaller than the other. This is due to a medical condition that Chloe cannot help, and she eventually had to have surgery to correct it. Because of the harsh insults thrown her way from Abby, Chloe and her mother decided it would be best if she no longer participated in the show, especially after being insulted for something she literally could not help.

Chloe focuses on some of the good with Abby

Chloe and Abby's history is so fraught that when the star decided to return to "Dance Moms," she could not even be in the same room as Abby. As such, she joined a rival team to compete against the girls of Abby's studio, which made her incredibly sad due to the fact that she wished she were dancing with her friends, who were a huge part of her competition memories. On this week's episode of the hit series, Chloe even broke down in tears about it.

Chloe, however, is working to see the positive in her experience. According to the young dancer, Abby gave her thick skin, which is vital if you're going to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The young actress and YouTuber says she was braced after rejection and insults from Abby and was better able to handle auditions and subsequent rejections.

Making up for lost time

Chloe says that after she left "Dance Moms," she didn't' speak to the other girls as often. Instead, they were almost driven apart by Abby. However, after being back on the show, Chloe says it is almost as though she never left. She has been celebrating with the girls in Los Angeles, and Kendall Vertes, one of the other girls on her dance team, has been seen on Chloe's newest YouTube series, "Chloe Does It." Although the friends fell out for a few years, they seem to have gelled right back together and their friendship seems to be right back where they were before.

Chloe also invited Nia Sioux, one of her best friends on the team, to appear on her YouTube channel, where the pair hilariously answered trivia questions about "Dance Moms." For fans of the dancers, four of them will be going on a tour of the United States with their mothers in the coming months.