Abby Lee Miller is a free woman...sort off. The former "Dance Moms" star was transferred from FCI Victorville, the prison she has called home since last July, to a halfway house located in Long Beach, California on Tuesday. Abby is no longer behind bars but those who know can tell you, living in a halfway house still comes with a lot of boundaries and supervision.

Abby Lee gets cleaned up

Some pretty unflattering photos of Abby Lee Miller were released just one day after she was. On Tuesday, a few pictures from inside the halfway house showed Abby looking makeup free, a little bit disheveled and a lot smaller than she was when she entered the prison.

According to several reports, Abby has already lost around 100 pounds since she had weight loss surgery before entering FCI Victorville in July 2017

In the initial photos that were shared by the Daily Mail, Abby was wearing an oversized white sweatshirt and a pair of oversized grey athletic shorts with calf-height white socks and a pair of slides. She definitely looked like she'd seen better days and many of Abby's fans commented on it.

It turns out, Abby had a plan to get herself camera ready. It's a good thing too because there were cameras and they caught pictures of the former "Dance Moms" star's day out.

On Wednesday, Abby left the halfway house for an outing and she was looking much more like herself.

She was looking slim and trim in an all-black ensemble that consisted of an Abby Lee Dance Company print t-shirt and slacks paired with the same pair of shoes she had on before. Abby did her hair and makeup for the outing, making sure to avoid being photographed again without looking picture perfect.

Where did Abby go?

Where might the "Dance Moms" alum go after finally seeing the other side of a cell for the first time in eight months?

According to Us Weekly, the answer is a fast food joint. Can you really blame her though, after so many months of bland prison food?

Abby Lee Miller's next stop was the nail salon. She was photographed having her nails done as well as a pedicure. It probably felt great to freshen everything up after so long of going without.

Abby was reportedly in great spirits, smiling and waving at fans while she got pampered.

Just one day after her transfer to Long Beach, Abby got a chance to really enjoy her new freedom and relax. While living in the halfway house, she still can't just run around and do what she pleases so she had to have received permission to go out.

Abby will remain in the halfway house through May 25 and as long as she does everything she's supposed to, she'll be a free woman in May. While she's there though, Abby Lee Miller will be given career counseling and will get help finding a job. There's no word yet on what that job might be.