Abby Lee Miller, the star of Lifetime's "Dance Moms," was locked away for 366 days due to a fraud sentence after being accused of tax fraud and smuggling money into the United States from Australia undeclared. The Reality TV star hoped that she wouldn't get a prison sentence, but she was able to get her choice of prison by being locked up near to Los Angeles at FCI Victorville. However, getting her pick of the places to be locked up didn't help matters much, as most reports coming from the facility show that Miller has had a really rough time with her internment.

The reality TV star has proven so unpopular with other inmates that they have actually barred her from attending a fall festival.

Abby banned from fall festivities

Every year, the FCI Victorville facility has an autumn-themed festival where the inmates perform, put on dances and skits. While this sounds like it would be right up Abby Lee Miller's alley, it seems that the other inmates are so fed up with her that they have asked her not to come to the event at all.

"[The inmates] refused to even allow Abby to participate because they simply do not like her," an inside tipster told Radar Online about the upcoming festivities.

It was once rumored that the inmates were excited to have Abby Lee Miller possibly teach a dance or exercise class, but it seems that the star is so despised within the group of women that she will likely never be able to have such a privileged position.

Other problems behind bars

Abby Lee Miller stated that before she went to prison, she was very worried that her strong personality would land her in hot water. It has been rumored that she and an inmate got into a screaming match and the inmate let Abby know that she thinks she and her career on "Dance Moms" was a total joke.

Abby also recently was rumored to have gotten into trouble with the correctional officers for hiding food in her jail cell. The reality TV star underwent bariatric surgery before entering the facility and completely overhauled her diet. The disgraced "Dance Moms" star told her doctor she worried she wouldn't have a lot to pick from in jail, though he advised her to eat as many fresh fruits as possible.

It is rumored that Abby got in trouble for taking fruit from the dining hall and storing it in her cell as a snack for later. The reality TV star was punished by being given extra raking duties for her infraction, even though she was just trying to stay on track.