Cheryl Burke is taking a new challenge in her dancing and hosting careers. Aside from performing for "Dancing with the Stars" as a dance pro, the TV personality and model has taken over Abby Lee Miller's spot as the new host of "Dance Moms" for the second half of the seventh season.

When asked to compare the two programs, Cheryl Burke explained "Dance Moms" uncovers almost everything even the tension between the moms and the instructor. She was even stunned to see the teasers for the program, wherein she was seen arguing with the moms.

'Dance Moms' welcomes new host, instructor

“I've been seeing a couple of the promos and I think I tell the moms to shut up or something,” she told Entertainment Tonight in an interview. “I swear to God, I love you, moms, out there. All of you. All of them and my mom."

She went on to tease about this kind of encounters and assured that the season will be a "little spicy" for the entire cast. Cheryl Burke will formally make her debut as the new host and dance instructor for "Dance Moms" on Tuesday.

Although she won't be able to watch the premiere episode, the "Dancing with the Stars" pro promised that she would read the comments on social media and reminded the viewers to take it easy on her. Fortunately, most viewers loved Cheryl Burke's appointment on "Dance Moms" as Abby Lee Miller's replacement while the latter serves her sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

'Everyone's replaceable... Even Abby'

Similarly, "Dance Moms" stars have nothing but excitement for Cheryl Burke's comeback on the Lifetime program.

In fact, the moms and their kids happily welcomed the "Dancing With The Stars" pro in the preview of tonight's episode.

“She started off, I believe as a ballet dancer, and then as she got older she discovered that ballroom was her passion,” Christi Lukasiak said, introducing the new instructor to the team. “She eventually became a pro on "Dancing with the Stars." She won two Mirrorball Trophies."

She added, “I think that she’ll come in here and want to bring out the best in you.

She knows what you need to do to win.”

Other moms then warned the girls to work harder to impress the new host and dance instructor. “She’s not going to cut you any slack,” a mom said.

Cheryl Burke then showed up and was welcomed with warm greetings from the "Dance Moms" stars. The 33-year-old dancer and model has previously said that she will have a different approach from Abby Lee Miller in guiding and handling the girls.