Maddie Ziegler and her boyfriend Jack Kelly have been gushing about each other through social media. Kelly has shared his pride in his girlfriend's accomplishments and Maddie has gushed about how much fun she is having with Kelly. Fans are delighted that the talented dancer has found love and wish the best for her and Jack.

The star's boyfriend shares his love for his girlfriend on social media

According to the Christian Post, Maddie Ziegler's boyfriend Jack Kelly has taken to social media to express his love for his girlfriend and has praised her accomplishments.

The couple have been dating for just over eight months and Jack Kelly took to Instagram to praise the former "Dance Moms" star for her recent Teen Choice Awards win.

Kelly posted a photograph of his girlfriend Maddie on his own account and stated that he was incredibly proud of her. He congratulated her on winning the Teen Choice Award for choice dancer and has expressed that he loves Ziegler very much.

In a report by the International Business Times, Maddie Ziegler stated that she realizes that she and Jack are only kids. She expressed that she is well aware that she is only fourteen years old but that she and Jack are having a great time together and that he is a great person. Ziegler even took a moment at the Teen Choice Awards to gush about her boyfriend and expressed how happy Jack makes her.

Ziegler rose to fame on the hit TV series 'Dance Moms'

According to the Christian Post, Maddie Ziegler first became known to the world through the TV series "Dance Moms" which showed the dance studio of Abby Lee Miller and her dancers. Maddie quickly became a fan favorite and was one of the most talented dancers on the show.

Her real opportunity came when Sia requested that the dancer come and dance in her music video for "Chandelier."

Ziegler has gone on to star in several other music videos and has gone on to announce that she will be going on Sia's "Cheap Thrills" tour. However, Maddie Ziegler is not just sticking to the world of dance and is expanding her horizons in the acting world.

She was a voice actor in the animated film "Leap" and starred in the movie "The Book of Henry."

Ziegler will also be appearing in the movie "Sisters" alongside Kate Hudson, which Sia is directing. Fans are looking forward to seeing Maddie Ziegler in her next motion picture role.

Many fans are extremely happy about Ziegler and Kelly's relationship and hope that they will stay together.